Bill to allow Tesla to sell in NJ

Bill to allow Tesla to sell in NJ

tes-s | 1 mai 2014

Still working on CT. I was at Milford, which is a service center now, and will also be a sales center once CT allows it.

CT has 3 superchargers, but won't let Tesla sell. Go figure.

Hopefully the Malloy administration will do something to allow it, or the legislature will pass something to force it, and Malloy won't veto it.

carlk | 1 mai 2014

I'm sure he won't. He would not want to provide more ammunition for his opponents if he still has his eyes on the 16' election.

DaphneGreen | 1 mai 2014

Would make the Koch Bros. happy if he did, so we'll have to see. I
A large majority of us in NJ support selling Teslas here, but he really doesn't care about NJ any more, it's the presidential election now.

TV | 1 mai 2014

Chris Christy: ENORMOUS interest in Krispy Kreme Distributorship in NJ.

Mel. | 1 mai 2014

Daphne, where in New Jersey did the brothers originate?

Baribrotzer | 1 mai 2014

@ DaphneGreen: Would make the Koch Bros. happy if he did, so we'll have to see. A large majority of us in NJ support selling Teslas here, but he really doesn't care about NJ any more, it's the presidential election now.

I suspect that Karl Rove, or any other hot-shot consultant would tell Christie that he said goodbye to any chance of winning the primary years ago. Back when he actually acted like the Governor of NJ and:

A. Accepted federal aid to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy, and

B. Thanked President Obama for supplying it.

While that kind of across-the-aisle gesture would help with moderates in the general election, it'll only repel Republican primary voters.

Even if he did get a phone call from Bruuuuuce for doing it.

tes-s | 1 mai 2014

Malloy and legislature in CT must be taking their direction from George Soros, right? Don't allow capitalist Tesla sales in CT!!

akikiki | 2 mai 2014

When the bill goes to Christy's office for signature, hopefully someone will remember to put a cheeseburger and fries on the end of his desk to distract him.

CraigW | 2 mai 2014

Eeeeh gaaads! There are conservatives who want government help in certain situations and liberals who truly believe in capitalistic business. I actually think they occupy the majority of the electorate.

Let's not get all pure and turn this into a right vs wrong political philosophy on this thread. States preventing Tesla from selling their car's directly through sales galleries is clearly a threat to capitalistic ideals, regardless of your political philosophy. We all understand where these preventative laws came from and why. The issue is that technology and cultural actions are changing and the laws need to change with it. Calling out those who disagree with your political philosophy doesn't help in this process.

ColonyGolfer | 2 mai 2014

Let me start by saying I am not a Christie supporter. But he pretty much told Tesla "if you don't like the fact that I support my DMV's following the law, go through the legislature and have them change the law. I will sign the legislation if and when it gets to my desk". If the law passes, he will be hard-pressed to back off this promise. The article says no one from the senate has yet sponsored this bill, so it looks like some of you NJ residents need to make some calls.

SamO | 2 mai 2014

The comments about the Koch brothers is not meant to skewer conservatives but to point out the influence certain conservatives with financial interests in the dirtiest hydrocarbon fuel sources are threatened by a renewable energy economy AND are willing to spend billions to buy influence to protect their investments.

tes-s | 2 mai 2014

Fair enough - and my comment about George Soros was not meant to skewer liberals, but point out how they are beholden to the financial and social interests of their financial backers.

DaphneGreen | 2 mai 2014

Both parties are garbage. Both parties are run by big business. I've been voting democratic lately purely because of social issues. Obama has upped the amount of energy drilling to what we used to do in the 70's. The Republicans still want more. I want clean air and to address the problem of climate change, but all I hear is talk from the democrats and there's no such thing or there's nothing we can do about it from the republicans. All the pols care about is getting reelected.

Out4aDuck | 2 mai 2014

+1 dvclifford. Although it's fun to hate Christie, laws are drafted in the state legislature and that's where they need to be addressed. What you need to do is convince one of the parties to have the guts to walk away from the Dealers Association's PAC money.

Brian H | 2 mai 2014

Obama has benefitted from expanded private drilling, but has slashed drilling on federal lands. The energy growth has been in spite of him, and is frustrating his efforts to get electricity costs to "skyrocket". >:|

Captain_Zap | 2 mai 2014

Make sure that they see the FTC's Blog that defends direct sales.

kenj | 2 mai 2014

@Tes-S - CT has Tesla Superchargers (and soon ChaDemo) on state property. The law has to be clarified in most places -- Tesla has never sold through a franchise model and therefore should not be included in the franchise laws.

As a person involved in government, sounds pretty simple. However, when any Legislature is involved the "horse-trading" takes place. This is where the argument needs to move from Tesla to EVs and the positive benefits to the community, tax savings through better air quality, less money being spent on health care (Affordable Health Care act not withstanding). Those are selling points and winning arguments.

Baribrotzer | 2 mai 2014

@ kenj -

Won't work.

After all, an individual's health is entirely a matter of their own personal responsibility. If pollution is making them ill, they need to move somewhere there isn't as much pollution. Although that's actually a ridiculous argument because there's no such thing as pollution, and even if there was, it wouldn't cause illness or any kind of health problems.

What's that you say? Where did I hear that? Why, from Biff Smokebelcher, President of the Smokebelcher Smelting Works, and one of my best friends. Plays a mean game of golf, and gives some of the most generous, deep-pocketed campaign donations I have ever been fortunate enough to receive. Surely you couldn't be saying that a good man like that is a liar, could you?