Bloomberg announced Toyota to sell Rav4 with Tesla motor for$48,900

Bloomberg announced Toyota to sell Rav4 with Tesla motor for$48,900

May 7, 2012

DallasTxModelS | 7 mai 2012

ACTUALLY $49,800. I posted this to Model X forum and when I copied the URL I couldn't read the price which was truncated on the pasted URL on Tesla website but it still goes to the article.

Brian H | 8 mai 2012

Maybe the reason for TSLA bouncing below $30 today?

olanmills | 8 mai 2012

Wow, the price plus the low volume target makes it seem like this vehicle exists purely to meet regulation standards and nothing else.

It's overpriced and the the range is too short. Ideally this vehicle would have been delayed to improve both problems, but its release is probably due to the regulatory compliance.

This is not good for the Tesla brand either, imo. Ideally, you would want to show that 'Tesla + another car = an improvement', or at least, an alternative. I really don't see the point of this RAV-4 other than for greenies with more money than sense to try to show off how it's possible to go green.

MandL | 9 mai 2012

I don't know, it seems to split pretty cleanly between the Leaf and base Model S in price and range. 100 miles is enough more than the Leaf that I could see getting one of these as my daily commuter (55 miles r/t).

Brian H | 10 mai 2012

It was clarified in the conference call: the Leaf gets about 73 miles on the 5-stage EPA testing, the RAV4EV gets 105; in city driving, the Leaf gets 100 miles, the RAV4EV gets 170.

brianman | 10 mai 2012

It will be interesting to see how the EPA testing plays out in the EV/ICE battle.

For ICE, highway estimate > city estimate.
For bEV, highway estimate < city estimate.

I don't think the general populace has absorbed that yet.

For example, when comparing ICE cars in the past I've never had to include estimates of city vs. highway driving in my habits when comparing option A with option B. With bEV vs. bEV you probably don't have to either. When comparing bEV vs. ICE, it's a key factor in the evaluation.