on board "on-the -fly" charging

on board "on-the -fly" charging

I have built an electric motorcycle that has a "feed-back" loop to harvest kinetic motion to re-charge a Second battery bank for use when IN MOTION ONLY..I am disabled and on limited income and would like to find an entrepeneur to help manufacture and market this design for ANY ELECTRIC VEHICLE !! please get in touch at>>>

Brian H | 15 juin 2013

Unless you start at the top and end at the bottom of a hill, 100% of the "harvest" is slowing the vehicle using kinetic energy your battery put into it to begin with. AKA regenerative braking. Same as virtually every EV in existence already uses.

PorfirioR | 15 juin 2013

I highly recommend that you start a kickstarter project, get funded, then pursue your idea.

If you need more help than just money, and what you want is an angel investor, you can start by checking with the Angel Capital Association (

Then, there are Venture Capital (VC) investors, who will probably want a good chunk of your company, in exchange for some seed funding. This option usually has the most strings attached and requires the most of what I call "hand-to-hand combat".

With the above options, you would have nothing (or little) to lose and a lot to gain. However, there is no option that would require no work from you, unless you just want to patent your idea and shop the patent.

Of course, there is always self-funding, but you say that your income is limited.

Speaking from experience, what worked well for me was self-funding (family, friends, etc.) until having a "first viable product" that you can already make money on, while keeping a VC on the wings. That gives you the most leverage when negotiating with a VC or angel investor.

Best of luck to you.

olanmills | 17 juin 2013

Also PorfirioR forgot to mention that you are crazy. Don't forget that part.

I suppose you could be talking about regenerative braking, in which case, you would still be crazy for thinking that it is a novel idea.