Brilliance of Musk and the Tesla team

Brilliance of Musk and the Tesla team

I believe the brilliance of Musk and the Tesla team is not in the design of cars, batteries, solar panels, or rocketships. Rather it is in understanding the psychology of capitalism and harnessing it to help save the planet. People will never buy electric cars, solar panels, or anything else to benefit the planet because that all require the long view, which capitalism does not naturally favor. Rather, people want to gain a competitive edge over the person next to them in the mad scramble for resources regardless of the cost. This is why Tesla is going to excel compared to other auto manufacturers who still view electric vehicles as green alternatives for hippies and engineer them accordingly. I believe the recent trend in electric car sales relative to the current artificially low oil prices illustrates the fact that Tesla has already won this battle. Tesla is the only electric vehicle with increasing sales in the historically unfavorable sales environment for electric vehicle. That is because Tesla is an amazing vehicle that people covet first and and electric vehicle that is good for the pant second. Kudos to you musk and Tesla for finally getting it. I believe you are our last best hope to turn capitalism against the destruction of this planet. Thank you. Now get to making my Model X so I can be the coolest Kid in town!!!!!!!

Red Sage ca us | 4 octobre 2015

Precisely. Tesla Motors builds compelling vehicles. That is the determining factor for their continued success.

carlk | 4 octobre 2015

Elon said in order to achieve his mission he needs to make not the best EV but the best car that happens to be an EV. That's pretty much what he has done so far.

eric.zucker | 5 octobre 2015

Agree. Musk said he wants to build EV's that are actually better than ICE age cars.