Can someone fill me in?

Can someone fill me in?

I have followed Tesla closely for several years now, and after the much anticipated Model X unveiling I have not seen any discussions anywhere on how many people, aside from those who received their vehicles the night of the unveiling, have taken delivery.

Is there any rough time line on how quickly the other early reservation holders will start taking delivery? I am not a reservation holder at this time, although I do have an S85. Just curious......

Monkey | 12 octobre 2015

It seems that a several of the low signature reservation # people are getting their VIN #'s now. Which means the signature cars are in production. Those who have gone for a factory tour in the last 10 days or so all report that Model X cars are rolling down the assembly line. There have been a couple videos and photos posted of some other founders cars being delivered. I don't think there's an official number anywhere of how many founders vehicles there are. A friend of mine saw a Model X on a transport with a few Model S cars late last week. In AZ... MX cars seem to be popping up randomly at SuperCharger locations, some outside of CA.

NumberOne | 12 octobre 2015

No one has taken delivery or received a delivery date, but I feel very positive about this starting to happen within the next two weeks or so, with many more by the end of the year. So I think at least delivery dates within two weeks. Just my opinion.

rossRallen | 12 octobre 2015

All US SigX reservation holders have been invited to configure. As SigX #508, I got a call from my Delivery Specialist last week enquiring about dates I would not have available for delivery. So, it's happening.

I expect, with absolutely no reason to think so, delivery by end of November. 2015.

shop | 12 octobre 2015

Monkey, incorrect. Only founder cars have been delivered (6). No signature cars have been delivered yet. Essentially, Model X is still not shipping, as far as I'm concerned.

carlk | 12 octobre 2015

Monkey is right. A few early sig holders have gotten their VIN# which is posted in TMC. Looks production is in (slow) action.