Canadian winter driving

Canadian winter driving

I am extremely thrilled with the idea of owning a Model S but have concerns about winter driving
Swore never to buy a propulsion again after my lexus IS350 ordeal in Montreal's slick winter driving conditions...
Have seen impressive clips of the model S on snow covered tracks, but I still would much prefer all-wheel performance.
Will Tesla offer an optional allwheel version for Model S as they will with Model X?

Brian H | 16 janvier 2013

About 65% odds at the bookies this week. But it may not be for a year or two.

ClaudeM | 16 janvier 2013

ModelS all-wheel drive, I am drooling already. Lease on my Infinity G 37X
ends spring 2014. Perhaps by then Tesla will make it available by then.
Am I right to assume Performance model only?

pbrulott | 16 janvier 2013

Last time I 've heard, TM was looking for an engineer to work on the AWD... of Model X. So not before 1 year or even 2 on the S.

Winter/cold driving is may main concern about the car, I will sign my pre-MPVA tonight anyway. Spending way too much time on the forums (TMC especially) trying to figure out the car in winter. Not obvious as we don't know if the current behaviour is the end state or will be enhanced after a little while.

Anyway,for the things I control:

-I will get Nokian tires... not the Pirellis
-Forget the S in the garage when there is a snowstorm

Then my wish list:

-I wish that an app/web app be introduced to heat the battery pack 30 min before leaving vs at all time the battery reaches critical temp waiting precious juice
-I wish the ventilation system be adapted for winter
- I wish the car could draw its power from the wall vs the pack when plugged and park (and not charging) to stay warm
-I wish there is a winter mode to allow for raising the Air supension permanently above 8mph
-I wish the Traction Control at really low speed be tweak to all spinning since snow driving requires some spinning
-I wish there is a better range calculation algorithm introduced as the current one is shit