The car's computer folder/files popped up on my touchscreen

The car's computer folder/files popped up on my touchscreen

I was playing around with the web browser the other night and using Facebook. I logged into my account, but was disappointed that I could not check the option to remember my login. I guess a full login will be needed each time. I played around by putting a status update. I decided to try and post a photo, so I chose Upload a photo when it asked me to upload vs take a photo. That's when Windows style menu of folders and files popped up on the screen with a window about 1/4 the total screen and smack in the middle of it. It was displayed sideways, so I had to turn my head 90 degrees to the right to read it up to down. It would accept anything touching on my screen to hit the cancel box or anything else on it. The rest of the touchscreen display in the background still seemed to respond if I could touch to the outside of that window. I'm sorry I didn't get a photo of it. I got it to disappear by rebooting the screen by pushing and hold both scroll buttons on the steering wheel.

Now I'm wondering what would happen if I had chosen take a photo rather than upload. Would I get to take a photo with the rearview camera? If you try it out, please report back here.

smd | 9 janvier 2013

Can't edit.

It would NOT accept anything BY touching on my screen...

jat | 9 janvier 2013

I'm sure the web page is just using the standard HTML/JS approach to taking a picture or uploading a file. I doubt the rear-view camera is exposed to the browser as camera, and it sounds like they just failed to disable the file upload dialog in the browser (but it was didn't work with the touchscreen).

Flaninacupboard | 9 janvier 2013

Would it work with the keyboard/mouse though??

DouglasR | 9 janvier 2013

What folders and files did you see? Were they really from the drive on the car?

bredell | 9 janvier 2013

Can you navigate to your local disk using the browser?
Try entering the following URL in the car's browser:

BYT | 9 janvier 2013

I will give this a try!

nickjhowe | 9 janvier 2013

Tried file:///, no joy. Also tried browsing to localhost and 127.0.01; no joy. Tried about://; tried settings://; no joy.

nickjhowe | 9 janvier 2013

Facebook upload does indeed pop up a regular file dialog. The path is /usr/tesla/UI-1.17.52/bin and contains various shell scripts and text files. Will not respond to touch - the touch passes to the browser underneath. I don't have a USB keyboard or mouse to try and access it.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

The "take a picture" option would have taken a picture of you with the secret webcam, hidden behind a dark bit of the screen border. >;)

Or not.

coolpokh | 25 juin 2015

\"\";' >

coolpokh | 25 juin 2015


dborn | 25 juin 2015

The new Easter egg alluded to by Elon some time ago?