To Charge or not to Charge - how to be a good ambassador?

To Charge or not to Charge - how to be a good ambassador?

One of the selling points of the Model S is that the range allows the commuter to skimply charge overnight. We help to promote Tesla by avoiding the public charging stations ("oh, none for me, I'm full."). However, we need charging stations to proliferate for when we travel outside our range, and its in our best interest to promote the development of ev infastructure. So, should we plug in even when we don't really need the juice?

July10Models | 16 janvier 2013

Why would you waste your time charging at a public station if your destination with a charger is in range like, home. One should always charge when the opportunity arrise and is not an inconvenience for example; if you are shopping at a mall that happens to have an EV charger, there is a perfect opportunity to top off or recoup the mileage you used to get to the mall in the first place.

david_se | 16 janvier 2013

I say: Use the chargers - that way, more will be created. If there is never anyone using the charging station, the mall might conclude it doesn't help attract customers.

cpetrush | 16 janvier 2013

I haven't paid much attention to public stations but the few I have looked at were not free. So why would I pay to charge if I can just charge at home, assuming for less cost? Other than superchargers, am I missing something with public stations? Where are they free?

stevenmaifert | 16 janvier 2013

I don't charge often at public chargers, but when I do, I have yet to charge without attracting a crowd asking all sorts of questions about the car. We are Tesla's ambassadors and it's a great opportunity to show off the car. As for free charging, there are still a few out there. Go to and take the check out of the "Requires Payment" box and the map will show you the chargers that folks have reported are still free.

Sudre_ | 16 janvier 2013

You have to save the spots for the Volt owners or they will have to buy gas to get home :-)

portia | 16 janvier 2013

I have never charged other than at superchargers, or at home. But there is a good point about if more people use chargers, they may make more of them. But paying for it when you don't have to doesn't make sense, I am sure there are plenty of other EV's which can't get anywhere without charging at every opportunity, so why take up their spaces if you are not charging?

There are many legit and necessary times when one would have to use and maybe pay for a charger, like going on long trips without SC along the way. If you are charging, and especially Paying, then no one can complain.

olanmills | 16 janvier 2013

I've only charged at a blink station a couple times for a total cost of $3 just to use the parking space when I was running late. So far, I have had no need to charge away from home.