Charger Cable - wall protection to avoid black marks?

Charger Cable - wall protection to avoid black marks?

12 days to delivery!!! Cant wait.

The charger has been installed and now I have a question for you. What do you do to avoid black marks on the wall from the charger cable?

I just want to avoid that the wall will get black marks from hanging coiled black cable.

Any ideas?

Joshua Burstyn | 18 septembre 2013

What kind of surface is the wall? Brick? Stucco?

jstack6 | 18 septembre 2013

I've never seen a problem with that. I'm sure you could put a thin film clear covering in that area and replace it every few years IF it gets any marks.

Our go with Qualcomm Halo wireless charging. They maybe looking for some test locations and yours could be one.

Mdiprima | 18 septembre 2013

Wall is stucco.

Joshua Burstyn | 18 septembre 2013

I would think with a stucco finish you'd need to be careful not to damage the finish by constant wear. The markings would be a lesser concern.

JPPTM | 18 septembre 2013

Hmmm-I have a painted garage wall and see no black marks after several months of intermittent use.

Haeze | 18 septembre 2013

I would build a spacer of some sort to make the coiled cable stick further out from the wall... or, if this is inside a garage, many people are installing what is called a Tool Balancer to make the cable hang out of the way from the ceiling, so you can pull it down and plug it directly into the car. This also keeps people from tripping over the cable.