Charging av varios voltages and amps

Charging av varios voltages and amps

How does a Tesla car allow charges at multiple voltages and amps ?? If you have a car that pulls 20KW charge, will not the Circuit braker fail if it cannot deliver enough current?? I plan to install a 400volt, 3-phase system With a 25amp Circuit braker - this can deliver 400*25*1.73 = 17.3 KW. Sounds good - but if the car pulls 20KW this will not work - or what?

PaceyWhitter | 14 juin 2013

The evse has a set of standard plgs. Whe using one of the plugs, such as a nema 14-50, the car knows the maximum rated amperage draw from that plug (40A) and tries to pull that.

If the car detects a large voltage drop when it ramps up its amperage then it will cut it back to protect wiring.

Your system sounds like a european system so I'm not sure how they plan to work it over there.

bt77057 | 14 juin 2013

To my knowledge, the Tesla will not take advantage of 3-phase wiring. All of the charging scenarios I have read about are all single phase, 1-pole or single phase 2-pole.

At best your new max KW will be 10.0 KW. )1.73 multiplier does not apply since it is single phase.)

Actually after re-reading this. If you plan to install 25amp CB, then 20 amps should be your max

400 V * 20 amps = 8.0 KW

And as PaceyWhitter mentioned, the car will only pull what is available. Depending on the charging adapter used, you may have to tell the car (from the touchscreen) the correct amperage to charge.

hugo | 18 juin 2013

The European cars will take advantage of 3-phase. Also, i have now learned from my Tesla contact that you can select the desired amp on the touchscreen. This is good News - and it will load at about 17 KW pr hour at my homestation :-)

Brian H | 18 juin 2013

Pretty good; close to the max (20) the twin chargers can handle.