Charging stations + parking garages = :-)

Charging stations + parking garages = :-)

I noticed with pleasure that my parking garage has installed 5 Chargepoint Level 1/2 charging stations with J1772 (70A) adaptors -- perfect for my Model S.

What's even better is that they are free, or perhaps more precisely, included in the cost of parking. I hope that this starts a trend for expensive urban parking garages like this to compete for clients based on the availability of free EV charging!

DHrivnak | 30 mai 2011

Yes they are coming. The new parking garage in Kingsport TN is slated to have 6 J1772 chargers and should be open by August.

In Knoxville TN EPRI has 6 solar powered J1772 chargers now installed and open to the public just off I 40 and I 75. And best of all they work with my Roadster.

samcar | 6 juin 2011

I noticed with pleasure that my parking garage has installed 5 Chargepoint Level 1/2 charging stations with J1772 (70A) adaptors -- perfect for my Model S.

Can you provide a location??
thanx, Sam

Ramon123 | 8 juin 2011

The issue of charging stations cannot be resolved until batteries recharge conditions are known, and stable. If we had really fast rechargeable batteries (as claimed by DBM-Energy - 6 minute recharges) then the obvious places for recharging would be either
your garage or the local gas station that has installed Level 3 chargers. But we're not there yet, so these slow charging stations will be popping up for our ultra slow recharging EVs now on the road. But there are very few of these out there, so we are not
painting ourselves into a corner by installing too many soon-to-be-obsolete recharge stations. I don't object to these stations, but object to those who think they have solved a problem and can't seem to see beyond their noses.

Timo | 8 juin 2011

6 minutes isn't that fast. Both A123 and Altairnano manufacture batteries with faster charging rates. Problem is to combine that with high energy density. DBM might have succeeded with that. Or not. There are no really confirmed information about their battery capabilities yet.

VolkerP | 16 juin 2011

Every Tesla car should submit every charging process to a central internet database: GPS location coordinates, time stamp, available and delivered amps, voltage, duration, public or private operation. That way, any smartphone app could check that database: Is the charge spot towards which it guides you still active? how often is it used? Is the amperage up to date?
That will help detecting outdated entries in the multiple charge spot databases.

Supergreekster | 23 juin 2011

+ 1 VolkerP!!!!


Then your GPS and 3/4G enabled interface could plan out a trip for you, drive here, charge for x hour/minute, drive here, charge x hour/minute... Total trip time xyz!!!


Supergreekster | 23 juin 2011

This is partly what RECARGO app does, but requires MANUAL input, your concept MUCH BETTER!! Cars sending a signal of when they were last charged, rate, GPS position!!!

Uploaded to tesla database then downloaded to other cars (nightly/weekly)


I hope tesla software engineers are reading this!!!

Perhaps car will have to ask private/public, and cost...

Brian H | 27 juin 2011

In this AutoWeek interview report, Elon is quoted speculating TM could put in place a full national charging network for a "couple of million dollars"; at $25K per, that's 80 stations.

Not tea bags!

Sudre | 1 juillet 2011

I don't know exactly where to put them all but if you put around 15 from the East coast to the West coast that would probably be around one every 270 miles. Make a matrix out of it by adding 5 rows of those 15 going North to South at about every 270 miles apart and you've only used up 75 of those 80 stations and everyone can, for the most part, drive coast to cost or Mexico to Canada.
You'll need the extra few for going from the tip of Maine to the end of the Florida Keys.

m0ndy | 2 juillet 2011

A better idea could be having battery exchange stations just like petrol pumps, where people turn in their depleted battery and receive a fully charged one just in a matter of minutes, all handled by a mini robo sort of a thing. This way charging electric cars could be as fast and efficient as filling a car with petrol.

VolkerP | 3 juillet 2011


yup. that's what project better place is about. these battery swap stations surely are a new engineering field and require your skills as mechanical engineer. go and give them a look.

Brian H | 4 juillet 2011

but be warned: they're partnered with Renault, and the French like REALLY strong coffee!

prash.saka | 22 avril 2013

I wish the chargers could automatically unplug themselves. Also, it will be great if the charger can be moved around so that every parking spot can become a charging station.

This morning, I noticed that a Prius plug-in hybrid finished charging (in what, less than an hour) but I can't use the charger till end of the day as the owner left it plugged-in. I left a note on the dashboard to text me when the owner comes back so that I can use the charger.

~ Prash.

prash.saka | 22 avril 2013

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