close encounters of the skinny kind

close encounters of the skinny kind

I just saw a rerun of the unveiling of the model x yesterday.

In it, a car was parked on each side of the model x, super close to it,to show how the Falcon wing doors would open. You could get into the second row of seats by turning sideways.

As the driver, would I have to climb over consoles, etc from the back seat to get into the drivers seat?

Better yet, can the car back itself up (without anyone in the drivers seat) far enough to open the front drivers door enough to allow someone larger than Popeye's girl friend to get in?

rxlawdude | 4 octobre 2015

Just coat the driver in OliveOil. :-)

eric.zucker | 4 octobre 2015

I would love seeing the car drive itself halfway out of the parking spot. | 4 octobre 2015

Depends greatly on driver thickness. A crash diet may be necessary if you want to park 12" from the next car! Supermodels should have no problems :)

aaquino22 | 4 octobre 2015

Well conventionally, how would you get inside on tithe driver seat in any car parked so close like this. At least you can enter through rear falcon wing doors instead of from the rear trunk.

carlgo | 4 octobre 2015

Or, coat the supermodel in oil. I suggest an organic boutique brand, locally sourced if possible.

I am willing to help with this experiment, free, in the interest of science of course.

Red Sage ca us | 4 octobre 2015

Oyl git raht bek tew ye ahn dat! Hucuggah-guguh-guh!