"Coming soon" Tweet. AWD?

"Coming soon" Tweet. AWD?

Did anyone notice Tesla's tweet with a link to an Instagram video Sunday afternoon with the short video? Such a teaser. Does this mean AWD is about to be announced?

AlMc | 2 mars 2014

Lots of speculation on TMC about this video. Inconclusive. People. like me, who would like to see an AWD S sooner than later think it is. People on the other side of that 'fence' say no.

RedShift | 2 mars 2014

That S looks a little high to me. That points in the direction of AWD, yes.

daoops | 2 mars 2014

Lots of speculation all over the place.. Very hard to tell that those front wheels are propelling in my point of view. Frame rates and all..
But to add some speculation, did you notice the roadster standing there? And didn't Elon promise something "pretty cool" for the roadster this year? Or are they just out having fun?

NomoDinos | 2 mars 2014

I love the TMC speculation machine... let 'er rip!! :D

daoops | 2 mars 2014

I actually think they were just up in Sweding having fun on ice with the cars, and made sure to record it.
So no Awd yet, imho.

NomoDinos | 2 mars 2014

daoops - If not AWD, what do you think the "coming soon" teaser tweet was about? My fantasy pick would be bigger battery, but that's not gonna happen.

AlMc | 3 mars 2014

Just got an email response to my question from a VP at TM: This video is NOT an AWD S.

PBEndo | 3 mars 2014

From the view of the touchscreen, it looks like it is in standard suspension height. Sorry San Diego Tesla!

AmpedRealtor | 3 mars 2014

Perhaps all they are announcing is a video showing the Model S having fun in the snow... that's what I got from that tweet, nothing more.

Bighorn | 3 mars 2014

I think they're going to loosen up the nanny controls on stability/traction to enable drifting, if so desired.

daoops | 3 mars 2014

NoMoDinos: Now we know, no awd quite yet. Not to be rude to Teslamotors twitter account but they haven't yet as far as I know been the first and only with any groundbreaking news.

I think this video is more about showing how great the cars are doing on snow and ice and see how it handles. Just a video for show. Perhaps a software rally-mode added.