Cool 007 custom screen for Model S

Cool 007 custom screen for Model S

Try this free web screen custom made for Model S. Great fun as a conversation starter.
Try it here.

added a valet parking screen...

More screens coming soon... | 16 mai 2013

Cool & Very clever! Looking forward to your other layouts!

cgiGuy | 16 mai 2013

Nice! I can get to it from work (normal for newly registered domains), but is there animation? ("Ejecting Seat in 3... 2..." )

Would love to see a version of the Flux Capicitor that has some animation. My kids love it.

MandL | 16 mai 2013

flux capacitor (and a couple others) here:

KOL2000 | 16 mai 2013



Rumbles | 16 mai 2013

Also worth checking out:

Velo1 | 16 mai 2013

Fun. I get tired of the same old displays, so this will be fun to use now and then.

I have a friend who is a local realtor - so when I gave her a ride in our Model S, I preloaded her webpage on the display. She was speechless for a few minutes.

I told my friend that she needs a Tesla so when she's driving potential clients to visit different listings, they can be viewing her webpage and the electronic listing they are about to visit. She's seriously thinking about it.

Brian H | 16 mai 2013

A realtor? Speechless? Worthy of Ripley's.

ghillair | 16 mai 2013

Bring it up as you pull into the service center, then tell the service writer your flame thrower is aimed to low and needs more range. Should get the whole service center laughing for an hour.

RobS | 16 mai 2013

@ dstiavnicky
I love this. Thanks!

lisagraham1968 | 16 mai 2013

That's friggin Awesome! What an amazing car!!

jchangyy | 16 mai 2013

that's soo cool. looking forward to other screens.

Mike C | 16 mai 2013

That's a great screen, thank you.

Here is one of KITT:

Maestrokneer | 16 mai 2013

Amazing! Great work! Keep em coming.

GeekEV | 16 mai 2013

That KITT one really needs to be one in higher-res...

dayoreo | 16 mai 2013

Rumbles.... Http:// is cool . Thanks

dstiavnicky | 17 mai 2013

Our designer is thinking of doing one for the Jetson's instead of Back to the Future. What do you think? Other ideas?

Omnilord | 17 mai 2013

A Star Trek related panel would be nice :)

dsecrist | 17 mai 2013

Any way for the 007 buttons to have sound played in the car when you touch them?

J.T. | 17 mai 2013

batmobile dash (Tv Series)
The Time Machine Rod taylor version

KOL2000 | 17 mai 2013

Thanks Mike C!! I'd be willing to pay $$ for a serious KITT with all the buttons (we MUST have turbo boost!! With the whooshing sound and the knight rider theme song upon pressing a different button). Theres an OK app on the iPhone but it is kind of interactive.

Once Tesla opens up the SDK for people maybe it will happen. I'd probably pay $100 for that app if it was quality :)

dstiavnicky | 17 mai 2013

We are doing the Star Trek... it's awesome. Probably done next week...

Michael S | 17 mai 2013

Original Star Trek I hope :-)

Manta | 17 mai 2013

@dstiavnicky - It looks great, and I love how the buttons change state when touched, but can the knobs be changed to a similar touch-based interface? Maybe a rotating wheel like the car's radio tuner?

dlewis | 17 mai 2013

I want a nice simple:


Liz G | 17 mai 2013

I would love a gerbil running on a wheel.

Go Gerbil Go!

dstiavnicky | 18 mai 2013

@Liz G
I love the gerbil idea!

info | 18 mai 2013

I don't know how hard things are to make, and maybe I'm using the app/website wrong BUT, when I press the machine gun, I didn't hear the rat-a-tat-tat. It would seem that that sort of sound effect could be added relatively easily, along with other effects. And if the oil slick and smoke screen are ICE problems, wouldn't the water cannon be the same. Obviously if the car can hold water for the cannon it can hold oil for the slick. Picky, picky, picky. It really is a lot of fun. I told the last passenger that the screen was ready but the guns and other devices were waiting for my permit to be approved. I also said that I had the ejector seat turned off for safety reasons until they were able to sychronize the opening of the sunroof with the ejection module. The crash test dummies were coming out with flat heads.

bobinfla | 18 mai 2013

Thanks dstiavnicky. I know what web page will always be up on the screen when I take a person for their first ride in the car. "You mean your old fashioned gas car doesn't have this stuff?" Way funny.

Robert22 | 19 mai 2013

While you're working on the gerbil may I request also adding the option for a squirrel? There could be a little cache of acorns next to the running wheel which could be drag and dropped to the squirrel's mouth for "extra power". This would be a hoot for the inevitable "Where's the power source?" question after showing the frunk and trunk. Before demonstrating the neck-snapping acceleration one could preload the squirrel with a few extra acorns.

Fun for kids of all ages!

Flex | 19 mai 2013

Nice works, thanks

GeekEV | 19 mai 2013

With respect to sound effects, the current web browser doesn't support any kind of multimedia functionality:

nickjhowe | 19 mai 2013

Not sure if this will work on this steam punk forum, but...

Robert22 | 19 mai 2013

Is that the Standard or Performance model?

nickjhowe | 19 mai 2013

That's the Standard. This is the Performance model:

Pbfoot | 20 mai 2013

+1. Love it!

dstiavnicky | 20 mai 2013

Maybe a squirrel and when you want to pass you have the option of tossing in a cat or a dog? ;)


jdb | 22 mai 2013

Great custom screens, have downloaded tham all, thanks, my daughter loves the machine guns and oil slick on screen from @dstiavnicky. And @nickjhowe, any way the running gerbil could be made into an downloadable attachment so fills screen? Explains to curious riders where engine power coming from.

SamO | 22 mai 2013


Can you create one for valet?

Check out this thread. They are begging for help.

dstiavnicky | 22 mai 2013

Give me some suggestions on what the valet screen would say other than..

- we can remotely watch our car
- instruction on how to operate

Ideas please. Let's have some fun here.

mcx-sea | 22 mai 2013

Just scroll up a bit for the link that has the text folks want.

mcx-sea | 22 mai 2013

Perhaps someone can create a screen to add to our Favorites, using large red letters on a yellow background:






Nantang | 22 mai 2013

I'd like to see a realistic mock-up of a hamster running in a wheel, which can be put in the frunk when the space isn't needed for storage. That way, when showing off the car, you can open the front hood and show its incredible power coming from a hamster.

jdb | 23 mai 2013

Took the car to Dania Beach service center this norning for 6K mile tire rotation, had the Tesla Peacemaker screen loaded from yesterday, the staff loved it. Showed them his site and told them should use it on screen in MS for customer test drives, at least for younger guys.

Omnilord | 23 mai 2013

Great! Looking forward to it - thanks!

Robert22 | 23 mai 2013


If there was a USB port in the frunk it might be worth the shipping charge from England.

Robert22 | 23 mai 2013


Only available for the black, brown, and white Performance models no doubt, unless you've got some food coloring or a friend in a genetics lab :)

DC@Tesla | 23 mai 2013

Actually, I have been wondering why is it not possible to set your own wallpaper on the screen? That would be a cool feature. It is possible to make your own wallpaper or does one have to resort to uploading your photo account on the web app?

c.bussert67 | 29 mai 2013

Nice work! Thanks! I work with a guy named Dave and of course he's a big fan space odyssey. He always makes comments that the Model S should have a HAL 9000 running it. Now it does! I showed it to him today and he got a big kick out of it! The comments at the bottom are a nice touch!

dstiavnicky | 22 août 2013

We just added a simple screen showing teh voice commands as a quick reminder. Enjoy!