Cops pull you over yet?

Cops pull you over yet?

I live in the cleveland area and since this is not the most exciting place in the world, a friend who drives a Maserati told me he has been pulled over several times just because the police wanted to see who was driving the vehicle, thinking it was some pro athlete! Well since the Model S is the sexiest looking car on the market, I am wondering if any current Model S owners have been pulled over just out of curiosity by the cops? Please share interesting model s cop stories. Thanks


sean | 14 avril 2013

I haven't been pulled over, but I did come out of a bar to find two OPP officers, each with separate cruisers circling the car. They were interested and friendly and the younger one actually knew a bit about the car to begin with.

diegoPasadena | 14 avril 2013

Late at night, a few weeks ago, I drove into a sobriety checkpoint. I rolled down the window, and the cop said: "Cool car, Sir. We may have to test drive it." Then he asked me if I had had anything to drink, smiled and waved me through.

3-G | 14 avril 2013

CA CHP at Harris Ranch when I pulled in - loved the car and we chatted for a few minutes - final comment from the officer: no one who works for CHP could ever afford the MS.

ViewAskew | 18 avril 2013

A couple of weeks ago in a suburb of Detroit (Royal Oak if you know the area) I had a cop pull me over. He said he just wanted to take a peak inside. LOL! I told him I'd take him for a ride but he declined. (Some nonsense about being on duty)

Aleksandyr | 18 avril 2013

View- that is ridiculous! I would turn him in for infringing your rights. Pulling someone over to look at their car is harassment. IMHO

Velo1 | 18 avril 2013

At a traffic light I had the pole position with a cop (State Patrol) right behind me. The light was at the on-ramp to I-70 East in the mountains West of Denver. When the light turned green, I looked both left/right, rolled a few feet, and then accelerated (non-wicked 85 kWh) with everything Joules had. I never exceeded the speed limit, albeit I reached it quickly, and then drove a few miles along the Interstate to my exit. The State Patrol must have seen me exit, as he followed me off and into a nearby strip mall. When I got out the patrolman pulled up right behind me, and got out asking "what the hell was that?" I asked if he meant the acceleration, and he said, "yeah, but what kind of car is that?" So we had a bit of Tesla time. He said that was the fastest, smoothest, quietest acceleration he has ever seen. I asked if I was in trouble for accelerating so fast. He said not in his judgment, as I was under control and never exceeded the speed limit. So I learned this action (MS launching) is a judgment call by the cops.

He said "I wish our patrol cars were this type, as we could close down the gap on speeders in no time." We laughed and he as he returned to his car, he reminded me to obey the laws. I thanked him for his service and said "I hope we never meet professional again."

kilimats | 18 avril 2013

^ priceless ! thx for sharing

nora-te | 18 avril 2013 We had a couple occasions where we were approached by cops (in a friendly manner). They seem genuinly interested in the Tesla.

We were in Cleveland in February for a funeral, and had some extra time so decided to attend the Cleveland Auto Show. WHERE WERE THE TESLAS? They had lot's of cool cars, including a Fisker but were missing the ultimate one! What's up with that? Tesla missed the boat not having a car on display at the show.

JackB | 18 avril 2013

During my cross-country Model S trip I was stopped by an officer in Russellville, AR who was convinced I was trafficking pot (evidently nice cars with West Coast license plates don't drive on I-40 in this area because it's not part of Route 66). After explaining why my wife didn't come along (on a trip like this?!) and why I wasn't heading home on I-80 (the RV parks are closed for the winter), I offered to let him search the car (which he declined). Never had a chance to mention the frunk. About a week later I saw a picture in the Wall Street Journal of a modified gasoline tanker truck that was stopped in Texas and found to be filled with several tons of pot smuggled in from Mexico.


Brant | 18 avril 2013

Just for speeding so far.

Brian H | 19 avril 2013

Not every show is worth the effort and expense. Attendances will gradually ramp up.

bp | 19 avril 2013

Took my first road trip this week. On the first leg, I was driving conservatively - slow acceleration, at or below the highway speed limits - and was pulled over and given a warning for no front license plate.

But the officer seemed much more interested in the car - asking questions - sticking his head in the window and looking around.

So the missing front plate was probably only an excuse to get a look at the car...

[On the return trip, I drove "normal" - and lost about 20% of my range compared to driving conservatively the other direction.]

reitmanr | 19 avril 2013

As I was leaving a gated PGand E, ranch facility, I found a Sherrif at the gate and several other gents. I asked what was going on and learned of the PG&E substation attack. We chatted a little as I wondered would he stop me for no front plate. He was cordial and never even mentioned the lack of a plate. Glad his priorities were clear.

I thought how great that my cars fuel source was being protected.
Strange days indeed.Thanks to all who provide for our protection.

stephen.kamichik | 19 avril 2013

Had a cop follow me for awhile. No ticket.

jjames | 22 avril 2013


have you all had your front license plate installed? I haven't and in California that's can earn you a ticket.

How do you mount the frame onto the grill?

mrspaghetti | 22 avril 2013


There was a lot of discussion about this previously, which you could probably find using I seem to remember a lot of people saying they'd never gotten a ticket for no front plate, despite having driven without one for years in some cases.

Whenever I get my S I plan to take my chances here in TX.