----Creaking/Noise in roof----

----Creaking/Noise in roof----

During our first test drive in a Model S we noticed creaking in the roof when going over bumps in the road and when taking right/left turns in the car. We were told it was a beta car and that final production cars were going to be fixed of that problem. Got the Model S a couple of months ago and did not have any problems...until now. There is sharp creaking noises coming from the black bar in the pano roof and loud obvious creaking in the back corners of the roof. These are the exact noises we heard in the test drive and it is pretty concerning. Anyone had this same problem?

mcornwell | 15 mai 2013

Yes, there is a service bulletin for this, your local service center should be able to fix it relatively easily.

David M. | 16 mai 2013

Yup, I had the same thing. Creaking noises in both areas. Our service center was familiar with it, and resolved the problem in 15 minutes. Tampa Service Center rocks!

lt | 31 mai 2013

I have had my roof repaired twice and the noise is still there. I've also had two other owners stop me to complain about their roof noise.

Brian H | 31 mai 2013

Um, what is this doing in "General"?

gm, hover over the logo. Select Edit. On the dropdown menu select "Model S".

pbresnan | 2 juin 2013

I am experiencing this problem too. What causes it and what is the fix?

Steinwand | 2 juin 2013

Had the same problem. Took it in on May 8 and they fixed it but the problem came back. I called them and a new bulletin came out 2 days later with a new fix. I am taking it in tomorrow for the new fix and hopefully that will repair it. If you only went once you may need to go in again.