Cup Holders and Arm Rests???

Cup Holders and Arm Rests???

I was able to place my order before I even test drove the Model S. After test driving it, I can't believe I am buying a $90,000+ car with only 2 cup holders that are in such an ackward place. My first car 20 years ago at least had a few more cup holders and a rear seat arm rest....

archibaldcrane | 11 septembre 2012

They are currently designing advanced center console options that can be installed even after you take delivery. Your cupholder concerns will be solved soon.

Alex K | 11 septembre 2012

I like how Porsche has done their cup holders. For example, in the Panamera, there is a single cup holder in the front center console, but they have some hidden cup holders nicely stashed:

Epley | 11 septembre 2012

I, too, had a moment of panic when I realized my $100k car was only going to have 2 cup holders, none in back, and no glove box or storage area.

I'm sure that 3rd parties like soflauthor will fill the void, and I know tesla is working on this, too.

Teoatawki | 11 septembre 2012


I don't know where you got the notion that there was no glove box.

There is definitely a glove box. I know this because a new owner reported finding his "missing" printed owners manual in the glove box.

Beaker | 11 septembre 2012

I'm going to love the ability to tell my kids no drinks in the back seat, there are no cup holders back there. If... er... I mean, when they complain I'll tell them to write a proper business letter to George & Elon...

Kids's aren't about to do that so:

BAM, battle won, backseats & carpet stays clean. ;)

Volker.Berlin | 11 septembre 2012

They are currently designing advanced center console options that can be installed even after you take delivery. Your cupholder concerns will be solved soon. (archibaldcrane)

Evidence, e.g., here:

I, too, had a moment of panic when I realized my $100k car was only going to have 2 cup holders, none in back, and no glove box or storage area. (epley)

You are right that there is a general lack of storage where we came to expect it: In the doors, in the backs of the seats, and in the center console. There is however a glove box, and it is just your run-of-the-mill glove box in size, shape, form and location. One of the only two physical buttons on the center stack is dedicated to opening the glove box... The other one is operating the hazard lights.

Which reminds me of another question that would need an answer from an owner, I guess: Is that button opening the glove box by a physical or electronic connection? If it's the latter, we could expect software upgrades to the glove box, like, valet-mode locking.

loisascott | 12 septembre 2012

checked with Tesla, valet mode is coming in software release. I think they said soon. (sorry don't remember exactly the time frame)

Volker.Berlin | 12 septembre 2012

loisascott, thank you for getting back so quickly. Just to be sure, let me be very specific: What exactly is covered by "valet mode"? I'd expect that they cut down power (acceleration, speed). Did someone explicitly mention the glove box in this context?

ggr | 12 septembre 2012

Oh NO! I just realized my Roadster only has ONE cupholder!

iholtzman | 12 septembre 2012

Has anyone noticed the armrests are different heights? The one on the door is lower than the one on the counsel. They should be the same height. Perhaps Tesla can build up one or reuce the height on the other. They are the same height in my Phaeton. I did spend a fair amount of time in the car today and there is a glovebox.

impliedconsent | 12 septembre 2012

whoops - can you imagine this as a deal breaker? ... holy crap ... yep, 'cuz my kids would come down on you hard. I'll wait for the built-in redesign.

Brian H | 12 septembre 2012

So who has time to drink coffee in a car that gets goosed every few seconds minutes?

petero | 12 septembre 2012

I can't believe this is still an active subject for discussion -enough already! Most of us are unhappy with
a few of the interior treatments. TM is working on remedies. Please rest assured, the console and rear cup holders will probably be accessories that you can buy. Perhaps in "S 2.0" they will be standard equipment.

If that isn't enough, the after market will provide all sorts of creative solutions. Personally, I am holding out for James Bond (007) passenger ejector seat and the front machine guns.

ThomasN | 12 septembre 2012

What would be really telling is a poll asking if you would prefer the current cup holders or none. I'd honestly vote for none.... And then opt for an opportunity console. The current configuration is ridiculous. The cup holders are too small, too close together, and too far back. The rest of the car is so amazingly well designed, it's hard to imagine what they were thinking. It's worse than the access of the third row in an SUV.

Michael23 | 12 septembre 2012

Yeah the cups hit each other too so you can't really fit two, but I'd rather cover them up with the armrests anyway.

Volker.Berlin | 13 septembre 2012

Well maybe you cannot fit two American super sized cups, but at least you can fit one and a bottle:

Thank god coffee is so expensive at Starbucks that usually we go with the small to medium sized cups... ;-)

vouteb | 13 septembre 2012

European coffee is stronger/better hence the smaller cups!


Captain_Zap | 13 septembre 2012

In many parts of Europe I couldn't get a cup of coffee to-go anywhere.
Instead, I was forced to take my time and enjoy it in a nice demitasse.

Volker.Berlin | 13 septembre 2012

Captain_Zap, I agree, life over here is spartan and cumbersome... :-)

Brian H | 13 septembre 2012

I notice the bottle has to sit crooked to fit in! 2 cups would be out of the question.

Klaus | 13 septembre 2012

I drink my coffee black. I wouldn't touch a cup of Starbuck's if it were free. Worst coffee I have ever tasted. No wonder they have to dump all that crap into it to make it taste better.

jerry3 | 13 septembre 2012

Their hot chocolate isn't bad though. (Not that I go there more than once every two-three years)

Klaus | 13 septembre 2012

@jerry3, agree.

BYT | 14 septembre 2012

I don't mind the Chai, but even that is ehh at Starcrook's.

Rod and Barbara | 14 septembre 2012

@ Volker - The opening of the glove box appears to be electronic.

wbrown01 | 17 novembre 2012

Please can we have an Update on the Factory "Opportunity Console". When will we see the final product? When will it be ready?

sergiyz | 17 novembre 2012

Asked them today at the store, not before Q1 2013 or even later.

TikiMan | 17 novembre 2012

The current cup holder, holds my tripple-espresso shots, in my to-go cup perfectly! As long as I have that, and an center arm-rest, I am good to go!

dahtye | 17 novembre 2012

Any update on the rear seat armrest and cup holder accessory?

TikiMan | 18 novembre 2012

The current armrest work great, thus I don't think that will be updated with the 'Opportunity Console'.

nickjhowe | 18 novembre 2012

Soflauthor met with George B to discuss the CCI. There may be a convergence of ideas/product.

Brian H | 18 novembre 2012

A bit late in the game for versions 1.0, but ...

wbrown01 | 21 novembre 2012

I emailed TM and their reply was:

The Opportunity Console is currently under review by our executive team. After review, if no changes are needed it would be going into production. I do not have a final timeline for its completion at this time. Opportunity Consoles would be available for purchase from our Service centers and would not need to be a factory installed option. In fact, our intent is that for ease of use and customizability, they would be removable and easily interchangeable.

So I guess we don't know when but maybe by the spring, I hope.

bsimoes | 22 novembre 2012

Perhaps, to put an end to the (rear) cupholder issue, someone should post a question on the bulletin board.

lolachampcar | 22 novembre 2012

This is fantastic. A brand new totally novel ground up inovative product is being produced by a cash tight start up taking on the titans of the industry (Audi, BMW, MB, etc....) and it is taking hits for cup holders.

Tesla, read this as VERY good news :)

Volker.Berlin | 22 novembre 2012

bill +1 :-)

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

"Ya, ya. You've got the best car and the best value for $ in the biz. Great.

Now, about those cupholders and vanity mirrors and junkholders ...."

bobinfla | 22 novembre 2012

We will NOT let our cupholders go without a fight. My Mazda Miata hit the right ratio - twice as many cupholders as seats. Now if only they hadn't blown it with sun visors that don't pivot to the side.............

mrspaghetti | 22 novembre 2012

Deal breaker, definitely.

Brian H | 22 novembre 2012

"Waddya mean no cupholders? Waddya think we are, German??"

sergiyz | 22 novembre 2012

don't drink and drive ;)

nickjhowe | 22 novembre 2012

@mrspaghet - agree completely. I think I'm going to give my Model S away in protest. | 22 novembre 2012

Will the cupholders be required to be smaller in New York? :o)

mrspaghetti | 22 novembre 2012

don't drink and drive ;)

But if you have the air suspension, you have less of a chance of spilling your drink if you hit a bump.

Brian H | 23 novembre 2012

For a real smoothness test, drink beer from the bottle, with a straw.

Timo | 23 novembre 2012

You need hands free system for cars, so straw and bottle doesn't work. You need one of those beerhats one can spot on sport events. That could double as cupholder. Maybe Tesla could add one in their stores.

Volker.Berlin | 23 novembre 2012

Timo, forget about it. Not enough headroom. :-P

Brian H | 23 novembre 2012

One hand for the bottle, one for the wheel ... what's the problem? Of course, the bottle may be too cold. But ale should be drunk warm anyway. Lager is OK, but boring. Guinness, on the other hand, is good for you.

Jolinar | 24 janvier 2013

hey, I just found great idea how to live without cup holders :)

I am 3146 | 24 janvier 2013

One nice thing about the two cup holders that are in my new S are that Tesla made them with a sliding cover. Great for those times when I want to hide something when parking in public. When covered they just blend into the interior.