"D"elivery Day

"D"elivery Day

What was your Delivery day like. I'm financing through my credit union. Did you get your car at the 'show room' or at a service center?
How did the paper work go. Finalized the order today and got the Vin.# too. How long did you wait? We ordered a Model S 85kWh.

drakjr65 | 25 juin 2013

I'm picking my MS60 tomorrow at Bellevue service center per instruction from the Delivery Specialist. It is interesting considering I finalized my order by personally talking to the Seattle store personnel but apparently, delivery will happen to another site which is only 20 minutes away. My entire family is excited particularly my 10 and 15 y/o sons.

Brian H | 25 juin 2013

You'd better send your 15y/o to standard driving classes, or he'll be helpless if he ever has to drive an ICE!!

ppape | 25 juin 2013

We took delivery on a Friday at 2pm at a Service Center. Red P85. Paperwork took 20 min. Another 15 min for car "tutorial". My husband already read all the manuals online, so he didn't have many questions. We spent the rest of the afternoon & evening driving. Running errands, picking up kids, going to dinner far away from home. Basically anything we could think of to stay in the car. Sat & Sun was the same. Left the house in the am returned late pm. Gave lots of test drives to family & friends.

Within 2 weeks we had 2,000 miles & the joys of driving the S continue to amaze!

Congrats on your delivery! Welcome to the Grinnng Club!

Jackie :-)

tokuro | 25 juin 2013

@drakjr65 Wow! Bellevue/Seattle must be on fire. I'm picking up this Friday. Wonder how many MS they sell a month?

Please post initial thoughts...will live vicariously through you until Friday. LOL.

Doug H | 25 juin 2013

I financed through my credit union and picked up my Model S (60W, Blue, Twin chargers, Pano roof, tech pak, sound, air sups,19" wheels) at the Atlanta service center. I'v only seen two in person. I test drove one in Miami when attending the World Baseball Classic in March. And I saw one in New York at a the Tesla Store in Manhattan. I drove the entire east coast twice and never saw a Model S outside of a Tesla showroom until picked up my own.

The experience went smoothly. I handed over the checks and signed the papers in about 15 mins. We went through the tutorial in about an hour and 15 mins. It took so long because my wife (who fought me at every turn as I attempted this purchase) was hyper excited and had a bunch of questions. She had to know everything about the car she previously despised.

Anyway, I was happy that she was finally excited. We drove off at 8:30 pm on Friday. By some strange twist of fate, my first stop was at a gas station because the ICE she was driving needed gas. By Monday we had racked up 400 miles. At both morning and evening services at church on Sunday, we drew crowds that lasted about 45 minutes. I visited the local Panera and it took twenty minutes to leave after several people waited for me to return to my MS to asked questions. Today two people in separate cars shouted questions concerned the MS while driving at highway speeds.

I've given demos to my banker, insurance agent, office tenants, and several test drives to relatives and close friends.

My wife loves it when people slow down to look at the MS. She developed a Tesla grin immediately. When she's excited, life is good.

bobrode | 25 juin 2013

Happy wife......Happy life!

CC | 25 juin 2013


The cars are shipped out from factory in CA to the service centers. There, they clean and prep your car for delivery. You can only get the car by picking up at service centers or take delivery at home.

Last I heard wait time from finalizing to delivery is about 2-3 months now.

The day before delivery, remember to get car insurance for your new Model S :) Your delivery specialist will tell you what to bring for paper work. It was very simple.

Also check out this Delivery check list by forum veteran nickjhowe, and what to do before taking delivery:

Mathew98 | 25 juin 2013

Confirmed to Finalized is two weeks unless you call to waive the waiting period. Finalized to Delivery is about 5 weeks now.

CC | 25 juin 2013

Thanks Mathew, didn't know it's that fast now, dang...

olanmills | 25 juin 2013

Haha I had the opposite experience of drakjr65. I made my reservation in Bellevue and picked up in Seattle. However, my finalization was a bit different then what people go through now, I think. I partially finalized over email and then the final finalization happened at delivery.

drakjr | 25 juin 2013

I got lucky last week 6/19 when I called Tesla Seattle Store inquiring for any Model S inventory on stock. Sales person in Seattle found me a car with the closest specs (MS60/Black/tan/tech/pano/19). There was one in Fremont factory with all options ready to ship with all my options plus extra Air suspect and supercharging so I finalized it with her and now taking delivery tomorrow. Got financing thru Navy Fed 1.99% for 72 mos and my current insurance carrier notified of the new addition. Really excited to bring this car back to Silverdale.
BTW at the time I finalized this at the Seattle store, the person before me also just finalized his order. Looks like MS is really getting enough attention.
FYI, most insurance carriers are still not familiar with Tesla (MS) and not all insurance will cover Model S. The agent that helped me has to call several adjuster to give me a decent quote.

Brian H | 26 juin 2013

extra air suspect - suspension? Autoincorrect again? ;)

drakjr | 26 juin 2013

Yap, Air susp (autocorrection made it Air suspect)!!

r0bertk1em | 26 juin 2013

On fire indeed! We also pick up this Friday (2 pm) at Bellevue. We have Blue S 85 with tan interior (plus all the fixins!). Can't wait. HPWC gets installed tomorrow. We pick up and then get to take a long drive to Suncadia for the weekend. I can not wait.

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 26 juin 2013

I took delivery in March at the end of the first profitable quarter rush. I financed mine through Bank of America, so Tesla already had the funds.

I got a call at 2pm from a truck driver with a thick Turkish accent asking if he could deliver my Model S at around 7pm. Of course I said "Yes!". My wife and I met him in a parking lot. He was very nice. He unloaded the car, and I signed a single page form accepting delivery. He handed us the key fobs and was on his way.

It was the most pleasant car delivery experience I have ever had, and was in keeping with the simplicity of the buying and driving experience. The Model S "user interface" is very intuitive, and I have rarely referred to the owners manual. It reminded me of my the delivery experience with my first Macintosh. I didn't need a walk through or manual for that either.