Delivery Question

Delivery Question

First time poster. Quick question. I put my reservation down a week ago, and my Model S will be "released to the factory" on the 17th of May.
As a military guy I am currently stationed in North Carolina. I don't know how much you all have heard about the garbage being shoved through the state legislature here, but there is a push by the NC auto dealers association to legislate no direct sales from any company without a dealership. This just got passed unanimously through the committee and is headed to the senate. Grrr.

My plan was to receive shipment at our home here, but I don't know how this legislation, if it passes, will ultimately affect this. So, in trying to project possibilities for the future I have a few questions.

First, can anyone give me a realistic time frame (based on recent experience) of when a 17th of May factory date might translate into an actual delivery date?

Second, is it possible to accept delivery in a different state and if so, does this have to be at a Tesla dealership/service center?

Third, when the vehicle is delivered, what is the charge in the battery? Is it delivered mostly charged?

(BTW does the reservation number really mean anything?)

As I'm writing these, they seem like stupid questions, but I'm just thinking "out loud" so bear with me. Any insight is appreciated.

60kwH, 19" Blue/Gray/Obeche Matte, tech, std, rear seats, no supercharging

Sudre_ | 13 mai 2013

Welcome to the Tesla family!

From what I understand Texas currently has this kind of law. A state can not stop you from purchasing a car from another state. Federal law says states can not regulate interstate purchases like that. You just can't buy it in your state. Which is why I find these laws so stupid. It just eliminates commerce in the state with the law.

SO you can buy it in any other state you want. You can also put it on a truck and have it delivered to your house from where ever to where ever you want. Tesla will do that for you using a vendor (not their shippers).

I don't think a state can stop you from registering a car that is a street legal car. They can charge you as many fees as they can dream up.

riceuguy | 13 mai 2013

Yeah, I am in Texas and here we have to go and register the car ourselves, pay the sales tax, pick up the plates, etc. The legislature has succeeded in annoying its constituents but little else. Communicate with Tesla and all will be fine. I told them what I needed and they--pun intended--delivered. I was traveling so they held the car at the service center even!