Does anyone know the total miles driven by ALL Model S?

Does anyone know the total miles driven by ALL Model S?

I'm working on a little project which I will post here. Tonnes of CO2 offset by Tesla and other EVs compared to total US CO2 yearly emissions, amongst other comparisons.

Does anyone know the total number of miles driven by ALL Model S'? Need this info to plug into the equation.

I think it would be great to quantify what Tesla's achieved and summarise in some punchy numbers. Think that would be a good rebuttal for the naysayers too.

robby81 | 24 septembre 2013

correction: some punchy numbers.

Brian H | 24 septembre 2013

CO2 is harmless. Tesla knows total miles, and no one else.

JZ13 | 24 septembre 2013

The NHTSA announcement stated 70 million miles have been driven on Tesla battery packs. I don't recall if they included the Roadster in that number. Figure 17k Model S on the road now and each at 1,000 miles/mo. avg and that's 17 million per month currently adding to that number. And growing by the month.

robby81 | 25 septembre 2013


That is a lot of CO2 from burning petrol that's being offset!

17 million miles / month is 204 million miles or 326.4 million km / year.

Average ICE car spits out approx. 130 gm / km.

Thats (shit my calc only goes to 7 noughts. Gotta fetch my I-phone:

42,432 tonnes of CO2 caused by burning gas - offset per year currently. 42 thousand tonnes!!

Can't wait for the Model E / Gen 3 / Bluestar / Battleship Galactica that's coming.

CalDreamin | 25 septembre 2013

robby81, the average new car sold in the US has 500 gm per mile total upstream and downstream CO2 emissions. That's 310 gm per km.

robby81 | 26 septembre 2013

Thanks CalDreamin. So:

Ave new ICE car: 310 gm per km.
Tesla Model S (in Cali): 80.72 gm per km.

Diefference between these two figures = CO2 offset = 230 gm per km.

Tesla Model S currently on road driving 326.4 million km per year.

326.4 million km x 230 gm per km = 75,072 tonnes.

75,072 tonnes is equivalent to 0.004549 % of the 1.65 billion tonnes of US CO2 emissions caused by transport.

For comparison, the displacement (weight if you were to put it on your kitchen scales) of the Queen Mary 2 passenger ship is 76000 tonnes.