Door handle colors?

Door handle colors?

I pulled up next to a Black 60 yesterday(I-5 south in Seattle) and noticed that his door handles were also black. The design studio shows them as silver. Is this custom or standard?

skulleyb | 14 mai 2013

I bet they wrapped them in vinyl. | 14 mai 2013

Chrome is the only current option from Tesla.

Tesla does has a test vehicle with all the chrome blacked out, including the handles. I saw it while charging at the Gilroy superchargers. Rather cool looking. The employee said it was painted, not a wrap. Just something they were trying out as a design study, with no commitment to actually making it available.

olanmills | 14 mai 2013

Tesla only offers the door handles in chrome.
The ones you saw were probably wrapped in vinyl (only the outer facing surface). Painting is also an option. There are several owners across the country who have changed the color of the door handles.

tndcosta | 25 mai 2015

I saw the black handles on a Tesla driving up to Squamish Canada. The back plate with the printed Tesla name that is usually Chrome was also black.

Captain_Zap | 25 mai 2015

I must have seen the same car with black wrapped door handles at the Centralia, WA superchargers a week or so ago. That person either gets around or lots of people are doing it.

kglad | 25 mai 2015

there are lots of people wrapping:

here's the economical diy precut 3m wrap:!products/c1i41

here are two places near me in so cal:

i'm wrapping my chrome next wednesday.