Download manuals and Warranties

Download manuals and Warranties

A new link has appeared on my Tesla page. When I click on it a small window opens but no manuals or warranties appear. Anyone else have this issue?

svghome | 20 juin 2013

Same here ....

Jackie425 | 20 juin 2013

Me too...

2-Star | 20 juin 2013

Works fine for me this morning.

stevenmaifert | 20 juin 2013

Working fine for me.

Jackie425 | 20 juin 2013

I have tried various browsers, operating systems and USA as well as Dutch region but all I get is an empty (usually white) box. However I have read elsewhere that the manuals do not cover the EU model so I am not fussed - yet !

AmpedRealtor | 20 juin 2013

Works for me, I'm using Safari on a MacBook Pro.

muller | 20 juin 2013

Mine (the links) works fine as well, but they seem a bit North American...

I have acqired the EU warranty from my local service center a couple of weeks age, and I'm particularly pleased with the slightly religous formulation:


In addition to the above exclusions and limitations, and subject to your local law, this New Vehicle
Limited Warranty does not cover any of the following:


Corrosion and paint defects caused by, due to or resulting from accidents, paint matching,
abuse, neglect, improper maintenance or operation of the vehicle, installation of an
accessory, exposure to chemical substances, or damages resulting from an act of God or
nature, fire, or improper storage;


"damages resulting from an act of God"!? thats kind of open to discussion :)

krissu | 20 juin 2013

Mr. Muller, to Americans act of God means Force Majeure to my knowledge. This of course is pure discrimination of other religions. From well educated US businesspartners I get last few years "season greetings" for Christmas. The world is changing arround us! The manuals I have are also North American altough my profile at Tesla is EU registered. Still better than nothing.

Brian H | 20 juin 2013

Meteorite strikes. Earthquakes? Getting buried in lava (Hawaii, Etna)? Tsunamis? Falling drones or fighter jets or airliners?

Winnie796 | 20 juin 2013

"Act of God"???? You can't be serious. Do people still believe in this stone age stuff still? I guess Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy must live in the USA too. Let's hope the "God" they are referring to isn't Thor because, I've read somewhere, he can be quite violent.
"Act of God", that has made my day, thank you for sharing that with me. I'm still PMSL. I can't wait to share this story.

DouglasR | 21 juin 2013

Curiously, that phrase is still used in many legal contracts in the U.S. Unlike many countries of the world, however, the U.S. does not have any state supported religions or churches.

Winnie796 | 21 juin 2013

State supported religion should have ended centuries ago. It is so sad it still exists, especially in Europe.

Wayne3 | 21 juin 2013

The Old Testament was written about 3500 years ago and Jesus was born 2000 years ago -- both well after the Stone Age. As for how many Americans believe in God, Gallup says over 90%: . Now back to cars.

TFMethane | 21 juin 2013
TFMethane | 21 juin 2013


stevenmaifert | 22 juin 2013

A lot of people think Elon walks on water, so be careful here... I'm just sayin'

Winnie796 | 22 juin 2013

Elon walking on water I could believe. At least he is real and does everything using real science. The Model S is not a miracle but I bet it will have a future software update that turns water into wine!

Brian H | 22 juin 2013

Called Grape Zot! (apologies to Johnnie Hart)