Elon drops three major product hints on Twitter today

Elon drops three major product hints on Twitter today

Either of the Model 3 or Model Y will have falcon wing doors

~70kWh version of the Model X

On-glass roof rack mount

Sin_Gas | 2 octobre 2015

What's the model Y? Have not heard of it before.


timf2001 | 2 octobre 2015

It's the Gen 3 crossover, smaller version of the X.

TonyInNH | 2 octobre 2015

Another 12 months for a lower battery capacity!!!

jordanrichard | 2 octobre 2015

Elon is determined to have a line of S X Y vehicles.... :-)

Son of a Gunn | 2 octobre 2015

Yes, S 3 X Y vehicles

madodel | 2 octobre 2015


Mark77 | 2 octobre 2015

Interesting new info about the Model Y.

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015



SamO | 3 octobre 2015


Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015


carlk | 3 octobre 2015

SEXY is much better than SEX. People won't think Elon is a pervert.

doubeld | 3 octobre 2015

How much smaller of a vehicle do FWDs work? I guess it's just a smaller opening, so smaller door? | 3 octobre 2015

What a way to run a company! Follow the CEO on Twitter to find out what may be going on? Yikes!
We may have to band together and employ @evino as a spy to fill in the many blanks in Tesla communications...

JeffreyR | 3 octobre 2015

Thank you Mr. President. Maybe you should appoint @evino Intelligence Czar.

logicalthinker | 3 octobre 2015

wow this is more info than I've seen in a while.

PJJAVA | 3 octobre 2015

It looks like he may have deleted his tweet response about something like a 70 being 12 months away.
At least I could not locate that one. I was hoping for a 70 or 75D around the time general production begins and not 12 months out.

inconel | 4 octobre 2015

Suction cups for roof racks? is it real or a joke?

Red Sage ca us | 4 octobre 2015

Definitely real, not a joke:

SeaSucker® Vaccuum Mount Systems

Iowa92x | 4 octobre 2015

Something like a 70 kWh packs means no but larger, likely 75 to 85 kWh for the base X.

I do not know why anybody would want a 70 battery on an 5400 lb X, max range would suck for an $85k ride.

inconel | 4 octobre 2015

I think by "something like a 70" he probably meant an entry-level car like the 70. And the fact that it is available about a year from now probably points to the fact that the 70 in the Model S will be changed to 75 or 80 in about a year. If I were to make a totally wild guess, the X will come initially with only 85 and 90 and in a year we might have 80, 90, 100.

techdoc | 4 octobre 2015

+inconel - my thoughts exactly. | 4 octobre 2015

Sanity will prevail at Tesla Motors. The ≡ and the Y have to come in at around $40K with a decent gross margin. They are betting the store on those cars. No falcon wings, light enough in weight and streamlined enough to go a mile using less than 250 wh at 65 mph. As small a battery pack as they can squeak over 200 miles with, maybe 55 kWh. RWD only.

If they don't get that right, change the name to Tesla Energy company, a company that makes great storage products and dabbles in cars...

carlgo | 4 octobre 2015

The R&D has already been spent developing falcon doors and there is no reason why one side-opening door should be more expensive to produce than multiple regular doors.

Few would want to buy a car with regular doors, all being equal.

Musk has range should about double in two years. If that is the case, a 200 mile battery could be half the size and cost of today's choices. That would also allow for relatively economical long range options.

There will certainly be dual motor ludicrous mode versions available for another $20K or so. That would still make it a stupendous bargain.

Ross1 | 5 octobre 2015

Driving at 140 mph with a roof rack stuck on with suction cups. Come on Elon it is not April 1.

And I suppose you could have a mattress and base on there too, plus a few 2 x 10s...

And guaranteed to boot. If it comes off, expect damage in the vicinity of what? $30k?

All under warranty too.

I have towed a car at over 100 mph, constantly drive with a roof rack, but at 140 mph/ Give me a break.

If you can't fix it with duct tape you can't fix it.

Maybe strap the rack down with 140 mph tape wrapped right around and under the car, about 20 times.

The wind load could buckle the FDs, even rip the glass out.

So who is going to try it when they get their Sig?

EVino | 5 octobre 2015

@Ross, he was referring to this:

Suction on glass is better than suction on aluminum skin. Aluminum skin will stress.

carlgo | 6 octobre 2015

Twitter? OMG. Musk needs to delete all social media apps.