Elon Musk

Elon Musk

This will probably get flagged as inappropriate or something, but I feel the need to share with you my hypothesis about Elon Musk and see if anyone else had the same thought. I'm not sure how it works, but I suspect that Elon has some link to extraterrestrial intelligence. Here's why I think so:
-How can one person accomplish so much so fast, both through direct action and by inspiring others. Another way to frame this question is how can he appear so lucky and capable in terms of success, beating any lottery odds in my view.
-Why is he so determined to do so much, including going to Mars. I admire all that he's done, but I can't help but wonder: does he just want to go home? ...and help humanity along the way, of course.
-Also, at just after 31 minutes into this interview,
it seems he can barely contain his bluff after saying "[..] this would be the furthest life's ever traveled, the first life on Mars... hum, as far as we know!". The first time I saw this, seeing him rub his eyes I thought his human costume would fall off next, but never mind my imagination.

So if you are reading this, Mr Musk, on behalf of the people of Earth, we will help you build your rocket, we will even pay for it through NASA and other national efforts. Please remember that you are welcome among us and that we appreciate your company. Gee, saying these words makes me feel like I'm the Chief of a primitive tribe who hosted a friendly and generous explorer who must now return home to his advanced civilization.

On a more serious note... I think a law should be passed: Elon Musk cannot go to Mars unless he leaves behind at least one clone.

Do understand: I have profound respect and admiration for Elon Musk, I would like to make him chuckle, but not feel laughed at, so my intentions are not vulgar. I do wish I had a way to transmit to Elon some of my ideas about balloon spaceships, high speed stratospheric solar blimps (a twist on his electric plane idea), and whatever he would care to hear despite being extremely busy. Many ideas I've posted in this forum already.

GeekEV | 31 mars 2013

LOL. Being in the presence of such genius does seem like an extraterrestrial origin must be the only answer. He and Steve Jobs are two of the most (ok, probably THE most) driven visionaries of our time...

Vawlkus | 1 avril 2013

It's really quite simple: Elon is an example of a driven person, who has goals and the will to achieve them. There have been others like him, but alas, they are in the minority.

TeslaRocks | 1 avril 2013

Geek EV
I personally think that Elon Musk is much greater than Steve Jobs, although he would never admit to it publicly. He's too humble for that. Plus Elon seems much friendlier than Steve was, from what I gather, or at least better an projecting a positive image.

FLsportscarenth... | 1 avril 2013

Hehe this is a good one 'Elon can you please take off your human costume'

Well you could also guess that Leonardo DaVinci, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison were time travelers because no person could be smart enough to come up with all those ideas. Nikola Tesla must have been from a rival group of time travelers obviously since he and Edison did not get along.

Aliens nah... You been watching too much Doctor Who!

Steve Jobs was a smart guy and above all else a great marketer, but not in the same league as Elon. Jobs was a like a Martha Steward of computers, he did not invent them, he just made them look pretty and was able to pick up on tech trends like wifi and digital music and integrate them into his products early.

shop | 1 avril 2013

Jobs was a bit more than that. He wasn't satisfied with OK products. He demanded very near perfection. He also was a great industrial designer. Computers (both hardware and software) can be very complex due to the amount of things they can do. Simplifying the user experience while keeping the complex functionality is not an easy thing to do, and Jobs was better than most at both doing that and seeing that it could be, and should be, done.

GeekEV | 1 avril 2013

I didn't mean I start a Jobs vs. Musk debate. They're both brilliant in their own ways, though I would probably give a slight nod to Elon at this point. He's got vision, drive, technical know-how and a desire to better mankind whereas Jobs was mostly vision, drive, perfectionism and persuasiveness.

shop | 1 avril 2013

Yes, if in any entrepreneurship class you said you wanted to start a rocket ship company and a car company, you would be mercilessly laughed at. What Elon has done to date is very, very hard indeed. Hats off not only for the vision, but also the flawless execution.

evpro | 1 avril 2013

Elon will go down as the Edison of his time. Phones (even I-phones) are one thing but travelling at 70mph on sunshine is another. Tesla cars + Supercharger network = vision.

Benz | 2 avril 2013

Elon Musk is going to change the world with his vision. Great things are going to be introduced in the coming years. The future looks very promising. As time goes by, more and more people are getting to know who Elon Musk is and what vision he has for humanity. Exiting times are ahead of us. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride.

FLsportscarenth... | 3 avril 2013

Steve Jobs sent thousands of jobs to sweatshops in China, Elon Musk created quality, well paying jobs in the US and still brought his company to profitablity quickly. I admire Elon wayyy more.

DJung | 6 avril 2013

Elon Musk is at the #102 spot on the Time 100 list. We can vote until April 12th to get him in the #100 list! Let's get one of the greatest visionaries of our time on the list! Vote at:

torst1 | 8 avril 2013


Steve Jobs was a like a Martha Steward of computers

You made my day tks.
Not to speak ill of the dead cause I have big respect for Jobs and his talent for sales, leading people and turning ideas into products, but most people seems to think that Jobs did the inventing when in fact Steve Wozniak was the one putting it all together in his garage.

Martha Steward of computers - that is the single best description of Jobs I have ever come across.

illioilli | 8 avril 2013

+1 to the above comment! No comparison... Elon is on another level and he's still elevating.

Benz | 9 avril 2013

He still has some very interesting idea's which will change our daily way of mobility. Great stuff to look forward to.

TeslaRocks | 10 juin 2013

I got it. Elon Musk is the ultimate alpha male because he is working at ways to spread "his" (well, humanity's, to be fair) seed beyond planet Earth. This brings the game to another level, that of uber male. Anyways, thought I'd share my twisted humour.

Brian H | 10 juin 2013

Talulah Riley, his latest ex, rejoined him to try and fend off any tendency to go "king crazy"; the Brits have observed what happens when apparently sane young men take the throne. Henry VIII was a paragon as Young Prince Hal, but full-bore whackadoodle as a monarch, e.g.

Timo | 10 juin 2013

@TeslaRocks, I just realized one extra level of evolution, evolution is about spreading genes as widely as possible, but since we all share nearly exactly same genes spreading similarities, not only heritage, has high probability to spread same genes. While cultural, it is also biological. In that point of view Elon is quite alpha male, no humour there.

TeslaRocks | 11 juin 2013

Life could be common if amino acids are spread by comets or minted in space by the sun. Watching that Definitive Guide to Aliens on Discovery, it became clear to me that even our most cutting-edge technology and science is pretty primitive compared to that of a space-faring civilization, worse than an ant colony is to us. By the way, did you know that some ants make bread, some grow mushrooms, and some milk these tiny "cows" or insects called aphids. Although ET likely had a probe check out our planet at some point in history or even currently, likely virtually undetectable nano probes that are inexpensive for them to send far and fast, they most likely have no interest in us as they have bigger fish to fry than to go mingle with or stamp out our little ant colony on this little island far away from the big game. Planets are not rare at all, and I don't quite buy the argument that aliens would want to mine it or use any resource, if mining could even be cost-effective for them. We can barely imagine what aliens are up to, but it sounds fascinating and we need to join their league ASAP. Elon will get us there.

carlgo | 12 juin 2013

Read "To Serve Man" to understand their real intentions. Hawkings warns against giving away our position. Perhaps RocketX's heavy lift rocket is really designed to reliably deliver herds of fat people to Musks's drooling friends.

It is really interesting that such different personalities can succeed in our society, starting from nothing and going up against hue, entrenched rivals.

Timo | 12 juin 2013

it is Hawking, not Hawkings

Brian H | 12 juin 2013

You want scary, read "Flying to Valhalla", Peregrino. Asimov helped with its "Rules for Alien Contact". In a nutshell, there could be predator xenophobic spacefaring species who will destroy every sentient race they detect. It is therefor prudent and necessary to pre-emptively blast every planet that could contain or evolve such a species. The recommended technique is near-solar orbital factories cranking out antimatter-fueled missiles, which target detected life-friendly planets with .92C missiles, which would punch 100-mi diameter vacuum-channels in the atmosphere, and blast 50 mile deep holes through the crust, showing the planet with splashed magma. Life would be knocked back to a very primitive level, perhaps microbial.

We've likely been detected, payloads on the way. We'll detect incoming about 12X their real distance away. When they look to be a few light-minutes out, you'll actually only have enough time to bend over and kiss your bippy good-bye.

If we make it to Elon's "multiplanetary species", the only survival mode is to quietly migrate to a dead-looking planet around an unlikely star, dig in and be very, very quiet.

ian | 13 juin 2013

"Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits."

Timo | 13 juin 2013

Why do missiles when you could launch rather devastating gamma ray burst from your dyson sphere.

More seriously, true space-faring species probably don't need planets to anything. We are for them nothing more than animals in zoos to visit if/when you are curious to see primitive life forms. As easily wiped out as fish in a barrel if needed.

Those scary movies about alien invasions would require species nearly exactly our technological level. Realistic scenario would be that species that would visit us is several million years ahead of us. When you can't predict our techs more than couple of decades ahead, how could you even imagine what species millions of year ahead of us could do?

One explanation about Fermi paradox is actually that we are living in a "galactic conservation area" and we are deliberately left alone.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

ChristianG | 13 juin 2013


Well that is excactly what everybody fears, that we are only animals in them. You know excactly how we treat animals and nature when it's in the way of what we want right?

J.T. | 13 juin 2013

@Briann H

You should write children's books.

J.T. | 13 juin 2013

sorry for the extra "n". I was busy kissing my bippy goodbye.

Brian H | 13 juin 2013

Not my writing; that's my précis of the novel mentioned and its basis. The key thing to note is it only requires ONE race to apply that Precautionary Principle to force all others to emulate it in self-defense.

Benz | 13 juin 2013

When is Elon Musk going to attend a conference again?

Or any other public appearance?

Timo | 14 juin 2013

@ChristianG, my point is that they have no need to do anything to us. There is no reason to go down in our gravity well other than curiosity. Once you have mastered living in space there are far easier ways to get raw materials than getting them from planets.

So, why bother doing anything to us?