Elon Musk bets Dan Neil $1 million he can get Tesla Model S out on time

Elon Musk bets Dan Neil $1 million he can get Tesla Model S out on time

Dan Neil is an auto columnist for the Wall Street journal, and is also on Adam Carolla's "The Car Show" on SpeedTV (which is actually a very enjoyable show. Another co-host, former NBA player John Salley mentioned having a deposit on a Model S on an episode about a month ago).


Nicu | 28 août 2011

It seems the bet is 95% settled
"FLATOW: Uh-huh. Well, let's talk about something more that you do know about, your car company. When do we expect to see a Tesla that's come down, your second-generation car?

MUSK: So that's all looking really good. We're planning to deliver the Model S to the customers in the middle of next year. And then on October 1, we're going to have a big customer ride event and factory tour, so - it's exclusively for customers that have put down a deposit on our Model S sedan. And I think they'll be really blown away by the capabilities of the car. It's, yeah, I think it's really going to be - really going to love it when they see what it's like.

You know, the Model S sedan has a range of up to 300 miles, pure electric. It's got - and there's a performance version that's as - (unintelligible) beat a BMW M5 around a track. So it's got great, great performance handling. I think the styling is great. We're also aiming for it to be the safest car in the world in terms of being five star in every single category, which - that there isn't - no car is five star in every category.

FLATOW: And what's the price you're asking for this car?

MUSK: It starts at $50,000.

FLATOW: Mm-hmm.

MUSK: It's kind of like a, you know, priced similar to a BMW 5 series.

FLATOW: Mm-hmm.

MUSK: Yeah.

FLATOW: We're talking with Elon Musk this hour at SCIENCE FRIDAY from NPR, and talking about that Tesla. 'Cause I did see your profile in "The Revenge of the Electric Car." So it's kind of interesting to watch you dealing with your customers there.

MUSK: Yeah.

FLATOW: And can you bring it on time and on schedule, as they always ask?

MUSK: Yeah. It's, I mean, at this point there's really not a lot of uncertainty associated with the Model S. We've sourced all of the components in the car. The factory is making great progress. I think the car is actually better than what people expect it to be."

Slindell | 29 août 2011

I've heard nothing about the replacable battery the bet requires.

...and how about more information about the "Model S Sport"?

MTriantafelow | 31 août 2011

Yea, it has the replaceable battery.

There isn't really more info about the Model S sport. Elon has mentioned it several times. There's a good thread here where it is being discussed.

My personal theory is that they don't really want to advertise the capabilities of the Model S Sport as they are still trying to sell Roadsters in some countries. Once Roadster is completely out of production I'm sure we'll get the announcement with specifics on the Model S Sport.