Estimated delivery of Signature S

Estimated delivery of Signature S

Hello Everybody,

I am new to the forums so wanted to say quick hello and also as a question;

I am getting a slightly vague answer from my customer service rep about the estimated delivert date for the Signature series: does anybody here know for sure/

Much appreciated.


Todd Burch | 30 septembre 2010

Nobody knows for sure (not even Tesla at this point).

Sounds like your rep is wise. The answer's vague because they don't know yet either, and they don't want to make any promises they can't keep. At this point I feel pretty good that they're within a few months of their expected date. Alas, things can change...

Sharad | 1 octobre 2010

Thanks Todd. My only hope is that the delivery is not pushed back significantly. I hope its early in 2012

ChristianG | 4 octobre 2010

As a signature owner you'll be one of the first to get one. At least it shouldn't be a significant wait after they ramp up production. In the August newsletter they stated they aim for a mid-2012 launch.

if they want to produce 20'000 cars a year (stated in the faq) it's about 50 cars a day.

Timo | 4 octobre 2010

"In the August newsletter"

What newsletter? Is there some monthly update newsletter somewhere?

ChristianG | 4 octobre 2010

since I reserved the model S I get a newsletter every now and then. It's around every 2 month. The latest was the 'august newsletter' on 28.8. and before that was the 'tesla factory' at 16.6. Here is the Model S part from August:

Model S Development

Model S is on schedule for a mid-2012 launch. The external design has been finalized and aerodynamic performance has been validated in a wind tunnel. Design data for the Alpha prototype has been released to key suppliers to allow for sourcing of parts with long lead times. Check the blog soon for updates.

Timo | 4 octobre 2010

"Check the blog soon for updates" sounds good. :-)

Captain_Zap | 2 mars 2013

I found this old thread and I thought that it brought some things into perspective.

They are "guessing" that the first Model S Signatures will be available mid 2012.

Keep in mind that they didn't even have a factory or car built yet.

I think Telsa "nailed it".

nickjhowe | 2 mars 2013

@Captain_Zap - wow. You must have been bored. :-) How many pages back did you have to go to find an Oct 2010 thread?

But yes - remarkably accurate.

Captain_Zap | 2 mars 2013

I was got curious to see what some the very first threads were about and jumped to the end. I like history.

I see that you have a very long history here. Good for you!

Captain_Zap | 2 mars 2013

I was curious...

My delete tool failed me again.

nickjhowe | 2 mars 2013

Thx. It's been a long journey - but not as long as some.

Brian H | 2 mars 2013

And there were many posts and threads earlier, now archived. These are just the "new" ones.