Estonian reservation holders, unite

Estonian reservation holders, unite

I just finished a call with Tesla rep and it seems there are some reservation holders in Estonia. I'd be curious to hear about your experiences in finding financing and insurance options as when I started to investigate ca 1 month ago there were no good options :) In the meantime things might have improved a bit, but sharing experience would be nice. So why don't we start here.

Financing: nightmare because car has to be registered in Estonia or the banks tell you to screw yourself. Plan for now is that I buy car outright and once it's in Tallinn I'll sell it to the bank for financing. Still not sure they'll accept it though.

Insurance: ERGO and IF have provided quotes. Both were horrible, but Ergo was willing to offer more reasonable options once I chatted with them longer. I'm investigating further and if we could present a unified front it might be easier.

Brian H | 29 août 2013

What do you mean "registered in Estonia"? Officially listed as a real car?

Captain_Zap | 29 août 2013

Welcome! It is good to hear that Tesla is creeping its way across the continents.

If the problem is the fact that the Model S is not registered as a vehicle in with your banks in Estonia, it might make you feel better to know that we had a similar problem in the USA a year ago when the car was not in any databases. Many of us on the forums agreed to keep calling financial organizations that seemed to have the most power to make decisions independently, like our credit unions. With Tesla's assistance, we convinced the banks and credit unions that more customers were coming to them very soon if they worked with us. That why there is a few credit unions are now very popular with US Tesla buyers.

If the problem is certification of the car in your country then that is something that only Tesla can arrange for.

toruonu | 29 août 2013

With registered in Estonia I mean registered in local car registration bureau that also gives you a license plate. Effectively they require a car with estonian license plates :)

The not being in database phaee is also ongoing as finding insurers is a tall order :) but I've probably done a lot of pre work for other teslians (seems noone else has requested a quote for MS ever) and squashed a lot of myths. Hopefully the risk assessment will take that into account when they provide a new quote.

Also, the bank confirmed that they do accept the financing where I buy the car outright, get it to country and get license plates and then sell it to the financing myself.

molotog | 29 août 2013

I'm happy to hear there are people in Estonia going to buy Tesla :)
That gives me a hope to see more cars of peace in the midst of fuel ones in our country. :)
Not sure, but you probably should try elmo purchase support program (est: ostutoetus). If I got it right they (or the government) offer grant amount depending on battery capacity. As for Tesla - the grant should be maximum they offer.
Visit for accurate information.
And, please, when you get Model S drive it as much as you can, so some people like me could see it :) And be happy for you :)

toruonu | 29 août 2013

molotog: I already have discussed it with ELMO and yes for the Model S you get the full 18 000 eur benefit + 1000 eur for charger installation. The leasing will come cheaper than buying an Audi S5, the fuel cost will be ~2000 eur cheaper per year and mandatory insurance is the same ~120 eur / year.

The difference is the full insurance cost. Ergo and IF have made offers, but out of the box offer was 8500 eur / year for 500 eur personal responsibility. With 1000 it was reduced to 6500 eur / year and if I manage to get my own person as the responsible person for the insurance, then it drops to 4500 eur / year. I'm hoping that now that Tesla confirmed that the car CAN in fact be repaired for bodywork and window damages by local repair shops, that the insurance cost drops further. Their biggest worry so far still is the battery pack cost if it gets damaged in an accident.

From ELMO I heard that there are people interested in Tesla Model S, but they didn't know of any pending purchases. They had rumors of some reservations, but the one who confirmed the reservations was Tesla itself. They namely said that I'd have to pick up the car from Tilburg, but they can help by bringing me in touch with other reservation holders that we could arrange for joint transportation from Tilburg via a 3rd party that Tesla could organize. This would cut costs of getting the car to Tallinn. As I was surprised to hear there are other Estonian reservation holders (I don't yet hold one, waiting for final confirmation of an offer on insurance either today/monday, then will reserve) they did confirm there are a number of them. I found it curious though that the two sole insurance companies that were at all willing to quote a price (the rest flat out refused) both confirmed that I'm the first person to ask for a quote on a Model S. So it's interesting how the other reservation holders plan to get insured :)

Not sure yet if I'll go to Tilburg to pick up in person (to get the full Tesla handover experience) and enjoy the 2200 km ride back (would be an interesting test of the range anxiety) through 7 countries or if I'll opt for the delivery by 3rd party truck in which case I'm a bit puzzled how the whole handover and walkthrough would happen.

I'll probably at some point write a blog post about the whole ordeal what I had to do to get a Model S to Estonia, but I'll do the first part it when I place the reservation. I'll post it here too then.

Brian H | 30 août 2013

For those interested, the elmo site has an English version, .

A little linguistic note: insurance "personal responsibility" is referred to as a "deductible", meaning it's deducted from the insurance payout.

PS; didn't Estonia have a Canadian ex-pat or dual citizen as PM or President for a while?

toruonu | 30 août 2013

Brian H: thanks, was trying to figure out what the official term is :) And the current president is the ex-US national.

Born in Sweden to Estonian émigré parents, Ilves grew up in New Jersey and naturalized as a U.S. citizen.[when?] He emigrated to Estonia and renounced his U.S. citizenship shortly after Estonia regained its independence with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and went on to become the President of Estonia.[114][115]

Would be interesting to know if the incentive in Estonia is one of the largest (18k eur). So basically if one were to buy the very base model without any options it's 60keur so it's 30% of purchase price :) The charging infrastructure that you can see from the ELMO site is pretty neat too :)

Brian H | 30 août 2013

Yeah, maybe it's another of the Baltics I'm thinking of. It was/is a woman, IIRC.

RonD | 2 septembre 2013

Would love to hear more about your story.

We had some issues in the USA that were similar. I have a pretty major car insurance company (MetLife Auto and Home) and when I called to have them add the Tesla to my insurance, it was certainly confusing for them. All fixed now, I just had to ask nicely and they called me back only 15 minutes later, and now it will be easy for anyone else.

The bigger issues were with my city. There are many electric cars around here - its the middle of Silicon Valley - but getting permits for 220v outside was very time consuming.

mario.kadastik | 2 décembre 2013

Getting the car in 10 hours :) the longer story can be found here:

Captain_Zap | 2 décembre 2013

Congrats Mario!

Brian H | 2 décembre 2013

Great thread, Mario!

FYI, the English expression is "A pig in a poke" (obsolete word for sack). ;)

Curious what you mean by "subsistence" in your post. It actually means the "minimal basis for surviving", which I doubt is what you meant to say!

BTW, the English equivalent for "õ" is the sound you make after you step on a slug. ;p

And it's "ampere" and "amperes", not "ampers". That would sound like the last part of "campers". Really, it's Ampere (sounds like AMp-ear), as it's a name, and supposed to be capitalized, like Watt or Volt.

I wonder which would be more dangerous, taking a really big sleeping pill, or suffering through a sleepless night before driving it. Hmmm... Estonia, beware! ;)