EU Model Questions and official Tesla answers

EU Model Questions and official Tesla answers

I thought it might be good to get some Questions with Official Tesla answers going for the EU reservation holders.
To start with below my questions and the answers from a very helpful Tesla Product Sepcialist.

Q: Definitive answer on the charge-plug on the EU versions?
A: Mennekes Type 2

Q: Will Tesla sell/supply a home charger?
A: We will offer the HPWC before deliveries start, price is TBD

Q. Will Telsa Supply (or sell) a charge cable and if so with which plugs
A: Yes. CEE 32A 5-pin connector with a (seperate) 220V adaptor (pigtail)

Q: Is the CHaDeMo plug or adaptor a definite yet (Elon mentioned this in Geneva and Oslo)
A: No.

Q: FM Radio in EU, supported? RDS supported?
A: FM Radio Yes, RDS will check next week

Q: Digital Radio in EU (DAB? DVB-t?)
A: DAB - Yes, DVB-T - No

Q: Slacker not active in EU what will Tesla EU Model Support - alternative Spotify?

Q: European Data Packages GSM, plans, pricing, roaming

Q: Parking Sensors, will they be painted in the body color?
A: Absolutely

Q: EU Service options, pricing?

Q: Will the headrests in the rear be adjustable (eu regulation?)
A: The car complies with the European Regulations. The headrests are not adjustable.

Q: Which tires on the EU models, seems like the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2, is not available in EU (or at least the netherlands at the usual tire centers).

I will update as more info comes available on these.

Meanwhile I'd love to see others post their questions and if any, the definite answers received from Tesla.
So not the place for rumors, or they think or I think, but confirmed Tesla answers.

Hope you find these helpful.

IT | 22 mai 2013

Answers from EU Ownership Experience Advocate
as of may 8th 2013

Q: Financing/leasing - are similar partnerships planned in Europe? - time frame?
A: We currently don’t have any financing in place for Europe , however we are in the process implementing the financing model we currently use in the U.S. We recommend finding a financing or leasing company yourself. There is no timeframe available at the moment.

Q: 50% guaranteed residual value after 3 years - does that cover European buyers as well?
A: The 50% guaranteed residual value after 3 years only covers the American market. It is still to be determined whether this will be applied to Europe.

Q: CHAdeMO charging options - will this be supported by the model S in Europe?
A: We are currently looking into ways of implementing the CHAdeMo charging options, as soon as we have confirmed information available, we will communicate this.

Q: Assuming 3 phase charging is already confirmed - right ?
A: Yes it is confirmed.

Q: Supercharging rollout in europe - is there a plan in place to roll out the super charger network in Europe(except in Norway)?
A: The Super Charger network is planned for the whole of Europe and we are currently working on the roll out plan.

daoops | 23 mai 2013

Q: I live in the US. If I buy a MS and moves home to Europe, can I bring the car? World wide warranty? Possible to change on board things to fit European electricity standard

jeroens | 23 mai 2013

Best might be to ask this to a product specialist in the USA.
You definitely need some modifications, like blinker lights, on board chargers (if you want to make use of faster home charging that is), Radio and such. Warranty wise did you check the USA warranty documents?

franco.filippi | 24 mai 2013

Is there any possibility to have electric foldable lateral mirrors? It's such a standard also in low standard vehicles in EU, and so useful to enter narrow garages

jat | 24 mai 2013

OlaCarlander - the mobile connector already supports 120V-250V,though it is possible it cares about 50Hz vs 60Hz -- most likely, you can just get an adapter for the mobile charger to European plug shapes and it will work fine, though of course you wouldn't get 3-phase or Mennekes support that way.

@franco - they have already said there are no plans to add electronically folding mirrors.

franco.filippi | 24 mai 2013

thanks jat ... what a pity

Jean PierreD | 24 mai 2013

electronically folding mirrors is a MUST for this size of car. a priority on the wish list

daoops | 26 mai 2013

Thanks jeroens and jat!
I have spoken to a tesla rep just after christmas that said the warranty does not cover if I bring the car over. :( but I won't give up and thats why I keep on asking. :) I mean, before the car is sold there I understand they have not raised the question really internally at tesla. But as the car get more and more popular i cling on to the hope, and I do not want to miss any news regarding this issue.

Regarding the rear mirrors, isn't the plan to just use cameras and hence no need for folding? I understand that there are legal issues but this company does not stop for speed bumps exactly.. And if it adds another 12% range to the car.

Lessmog | 26 mai 2013

Ola, I think the folding mirrors are for parking in tight spots. Such as European parkings tend to be ... You don't need a rear window (think parcel vans) but I doubt it would be legal to drive around without active side mirrors. MS is a pretty, wide car by European standards ;-)

daoops | 26 mai 2013

Lessmog, yes I got that I think but I meant side mirrors, not rear, sorry. :). I mean as the model X looks on their homepage (, no side mirrors, cameras instead. Less drag and less wide car.
Legal issues, probably yes. But this should be of interest for all car companies. And it should be safer actually since you can put the screen in better places and get rid of blind spot etc.

Lessmog | 26 mai 2013

OK, but that is still a single point of failure, and I doubt the guardians of traffic safety code would allow total dependence on fickle circuit breakers when they already have a choke grip on today's mechanics. I'll check out the X some more!

Brian H | 26 mai 2013

They showed the 1st MXes with little cameras instead of side mirrors, and mentioned a 5% range increase, but regulations don't yet allow.

The mirrors fold manually.

Flaninacupboard | 27 mai 2013

@Brian H
"The mirrors fold manually."

We know that, but I am sure I'm not alone in that I need my mirrors out to get into the garage, but once the car is halfway in I must close my mirrors to fit them through the door way. I couldn't at that point get out of the car to close the mirrors manually because my drivers door is in the doorway... My current car is several inches thinner than a MS, and I have a UK standard single width garage door.

daoops | 27 mai 2013

What I think I wanted to say the first time:
"My take on why the side mirrors do not fold automatically as they do on other models in this segment is since they are aiming at replacing the side mirrors with cameras. This is what made electric mirrors down prioritized."

I think this is just how this company works compared to the others. If something is not at its best, then try to change it instead of just play along and wait for someone else to take the fight.

Then I agree totally with that there will be a struggle with regulations and perhaps takes longer than expected, could take years. And also that that probably does not help the people today that has mirrors that does not fold and needs to park in tight spots.

So sorry for not exactly helping in the matter, but perhaps it could be a possible explanation.