European charging stations for Model S

European charging stations for Model S

I didn't find a lot of information about what kind of charging stations are available in Europe (and - for me - especially in Switzerland). Until the Superchargers come, will there be many possibilities to recharge the Model S? Will the Tesla connectors delivered with the Model S be enough to charge at any available station?

I have #217 Signature Performance with P+ (hopefully in June/July).

Jolinar | 21 avril 2013

I don't know how many of charging opportunities are in Switzerland, but several European countries has good network of CHAdeMO chargers, especially Estonia already has nation-wide network (148). All in all, there is 652 CHAdeMO stations in Europe according to

And of course, there is also a lot of regular outlets (1-phase, 3-phase), but difficult to count them all.

herkimer | 21 avril 2013
thomas.schlatter | 21 avril 2013

Thanks guys for the interesting information. I found some more charging stations in the web, but can they all be used with standard Model S equipment?

ian | 21 avril 2013

You can't use CHAdeMO, yet.

That may change, of course, by the time you actually receive your car.

patrick.meier | 21 avril 2013

Thomas hi,

Swisscom is planning to set up well placed charging points. Talk to Mischa about it:



Sig. Perf. 268

CarstenM | 23 avril 2013

Hi Thomas,

the EU version of Model S is equipped with Schuko (240V) and IEC Type 2 (3-phase 400V) charging cables. There are lots of charging stations which support Type 2 charging up to 32A or 22 kW, at least in Germany. Check for more information, there are quite a few Swiss Tesla fans who can help you out.


thomas.schlatter | 23 avril 2013

Thanks to everybody for the links and the information. I didn't know these websites yet. Gonna browse them as soon as I find some spare time...

Brian H | 23 avril 2013

George Blankenship said all European Teslas will have a "native" CHAdeMo connector.

420weblazeit | 7 septembre 2014

So are there any official or unofficial adapters being sold that I could charge a European car in America with, or an American car in Europe with?

Brian H | 7 septembre 2014

No. Chalk and cheese.