EV Event

EV Event

Sheridan College along with the Engineering Club are hosting an EV Event. Representatives from; Ford, Toyota, Chevy, and more will be there showcasing their cars and technology. This is an open invitation to any and all Tesla owners to come and show off their cars. Please RSVP to me if you are interested, so that we can make sure there is space. The event will take place October 11 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. This is a really great chance to show off an amazing car to the community.

Shawn Dietrich

Brian H | 1 octobre 2012

Just to clarify slightly, Sheridan College is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. ;)

shawndietrich | 2 octobre 2012

sort of, Brampton Ontario, Canada. Sorry about that

Joshua Burstyn | 2 octobre 2012

I'd love to come but we don't have our car yet. ;-)

Can my wife and I still attend?

shawndietrich | 2 octobre 2012

I can't see why not

Brian H | 3 octobre 2012

Bring a printout of your MVPA. And a screen cap of your final choice.