Expected range of possible 70D or 85D models?

Expected range of possible 70D or 85D models?

Any guesses/calculations for expected range in a 70D or 85D model?

I definitely won't be getting a Model X P90D.
Regular P90D is more than enough range for my family.
85D will probably be adequate/
But I'm not sure if 70D (if they offer this) will be enough.


Franmferreira | 1 octobre 2015

i don't think it will be any option below 90. If so, then the risk of having a tesla below 200 miles range will be real.

NumberOne | 1 octobre 2015

If the Model S is a guide, I doubt that a 70D would have a range less than 220 miles. Definitely more than 210 miles.

dprice3024073 | 1 octobre 2015

I would imagine an X70D with a lower horsepower motor in the rear would get at least 220 and more likely 230 miles EPA. They would be sacrificing some 0-60 time but it would still be leading all base models in its category.

Iowa92x | 1 octobre 2015

Why would they offer a 70D X. Sounds like a terrible idea.


Iowa92x | 1 octobre 2015

An $80,000 SUV that gets a 210 range, not going to happen. 75 or 85 kW or bust

stevej119 | 1 octobre 2015

I'd put money on the 85kwh battery disappearing completely. Once they've sold through existing 85kwh battery inventory, 70kwh and 90kwh will become the standard sizes for the S.

Erikmills14 | 1 octobre 2015

If the 90kw S gets 6% more range than the S85D that's 286.2 miles. The X90D gets 257 miles which is 89.79% of the equivalent model S range. Apply that % to the S70D (.8979x240) and your at 215.51 miles.

Red Sage ca us | 3 octobre 2015

Another way to look at it...

257 miles / 90 kWh = 2.855555556 miles per kWh

2.855555556 x 70 kWh = 199.888888889 miles

So... It could happen.

Remnant | 3 octobre 2015

@ stevej119 (October 1, 2015)

<< ... 70kwh and 90kwh will become the standard sizes for the [X]. >>

Unless Tesla has a 110 or 120 kWh surprise on the ready for us.

I mean, don't tell me you expected the AP, the D, the Ludicrous, or the oversize-HEPA-filter upgrades when they came down the pike from Tesla.

mikeah007 | 4 octobre 2015

You realize that the 90 KW was not more batteries but an upgrade density. Why would the same not work for the 70KW to be 75KW? That is more likely and would give a 210 TO 220 EPA. I see the standard to be 75 and 90 in the future.

michelcub | 4 octobre 2015


Iowa92x | 4 octobre 2015

Mike proof please, I thought Tesla confirmed the 90 has more cells.

jacksiart | 5 octobre 2015

Maybe the current MS owners can clarify real world range for day to day driving.

With the recommendation that we charge from 50-62% of max, that yields a daily range of just over 100 miles if driven with no Moon Launches (a huge temptation from my one day rental experience). So paying for increased battery to get moderately increased daily mileage will give you less range anxiety. It seems to be a marginal investment while you use the car, but it is probably a good investment when it comes to resale time.

Most of my driving is well below 100 miles per day. I would only need the extra range for long trips and by the time my reservation comes up there should be a Supercharger every couple of miles.