Experiences with Nonworking Superchargers

Experiences with Nonworking Superchargers

I have Volkerized and really haven't seen this addressed, but I'm interested in anyone's experience with getting to a Supercharger only to discover that it is not working. I know I can't use the responses to this to estimate the proportion of time that Superchargers won't be working, but I am interested in hearing about any experiences anyone has had, and what you did, and what if anything Tesla advised you to do. I envision starting out on a trip and after driving 200 miles, arrive at a Supercharger only to discover that for some reason or another it isn't working. Thus far I've only done one trip that depended on using a Supercharger and when I got there it was working fine.

Tâm | 22 octobre 2013

There were reports of wait due to scarcity during the early days, now mostly resolved. Most traffic @ Fremont, next Hawthorne

There were 2 reports of car hickups which only discovered when plug in at Superchargers but were resolved remotedly by phone.

There were reports of some bays not working which necessitated the driver to move the car from one bay to another bay until finding a working bay which was a hassle.

Never heard of down of whole supercharger station yet.

tes-s | 22 octobre 2013

Should not be a concern. I'll bet all supercharters are used every day, and if one were down it would be reported to Tesla and fixed - and there would likely be a post in the forum.

Based on not seeing posts about down superchargers, I doubt it happens much if at all. Most locations have more than one supercharger. So the likelihood of it happening, and you being the unlucky one who discovers it is down, is pretty remote.

DonS | 22 octobre 2013

One supercharger charges two vehicles and every site has at least two chargers. A completely dead charger will still leave the others working. The line may be longer, but you will get to charge eventually.

Of course, if there is a blackout, you are probably out of luck. I've read about some sites installing batteries, but I've never seen it, and I'm not sure if the battery storage system is designed to be able to work disconnected from the power grid.

shop | 22 octobre 2013

Based on reading these forums almost daily for almost a year (my doctor says with time and patience, I may make a full recovery), I would say it very rarely happens. It used to happen more often in the early days, but in the last 6 months, I can't even recall an entire location down. As they get more field experience, they are fixing their designs. And as that Palo Alto Supercharger HQ picture proves, they have detailed monitoring going on. They are running this like a communications network, making sure there is as little downtime due to equipment failures as possible.

hamer | 22 octobre 2013

This is all reassuring, in that with the addition of the Glen Allen Supercharger, I can in theory get all the way up to Boston from North Carolina. Although the distance from the Glen Allen to Wilmington superchargers looks to be just about 200 miles, which doesn't leave a lot of reserve for things going wrong (traffic jams, detours)

shop | 22 octobre 2013

200 miles with a full range charge on a 85 kW battery is quite doable.

tes-s | 22 octobre 2013

@DonS - not all sites have 2 superchargers.

Tâm | 22 octobre 2013


Apparently, traffic jam is not a problem because speed depletes your energy fast while hanging out with your car in stop-and-go or slow traffic does not (Heater consumes more energy than A/C but still, no where near speed!)

I always start with a battery gauge of 50 rated miles. In your case, the battery gauge needs to show 250 rated miles in case of speed impulse.

Make sure you order GPS so you can compare miles remaining before reaching destination and your battery rated mile range gauge.

Brian H | 22 octobre 2013

Yes, Elon said the SrCs would still work during/after the Zombie Apocalypse.

I worry about the movies he's watching.

mvannah | 23 octobre 2013

I'm pretty sure the two superchargers Tesla is testing with battery storage are the Hawthorne and Tejon Ranch superchargers, since those are the only ones with solar canopies. Barstow could definitely use a solar canopy too, if nothing else than for the shade!