Feature Requests

Feature Requests

The Model X is clearly designed to be a family car. With the expectation that families will have teenage drivers, I would love to see a lot of governor features. For example, if my son wants to borrow the car to go to his friend's house, I'd like to be able to set the maximum speed to 35 mph. I remember being a teenager, and if I were put behind the steering wheel of a Model X, I probably wouldn't be alive.

Even more than that, there is no reason why the car shouldn't provide on option to forbid speeding altogether. Using existing technology, the car can know what the speed limit is where ever it happens to be (with few exceptions).

Each driver would have a username and password to unlock his specific set of features/constraints. Once a driver is identified, the radio station and volume could be set to his/her preferences, along with climate control, seat position, mirror position, etc....

tjp74 | 9 novembre 2012

I would love to see a HUD (heads up display), surround view camera system... 1 camera at front, at least 1 under the side mirror plus parking guide line on the rear view camera, may be an dynamic active cruise control, and self parking?
How about ventilated seat. These are features commonly found on $60k+ car/suv.

Brian H | 9 novembre 2012


RDoc | 11 novembre 2012

As I've mentioned before, I'd like luxury mid row seating as we intend out X to be used mainly for travel with 2 adult couples with occasional short trips with 3.

To that end, I'd like to have heated mid row heated seats with a lot of leg room, cup holders and separate climate controls.

Mark Z | 12 novembre 2012

The windshield of Model S has a warm tint instead of the green tint of the side window glass. The world looks nicer through rose colored glasses, and the windshield is that much better.

I would prefer to have the side glass with the same tinted glass as the Model S windshield. If it is extra cost, then include it for the Signature version.

GreenGo | 8 décembre 2012

Adaptive cruise control is a must please, plus a sculptured middle row seating option, my kids hate bench seats because they roll around too much on the twisties. Oh and heated rear seats and windscreen for when it is cold ..... and blinds on the rear windows for when it is sunny. A rear passenger entertainment system wouldn't go amiss either. Perhaps fold out tables on the rear of the front seats, with cup holders. Is it planned for the rear seats to recline?


Model X Signature reservation #2 (UK)

hacker.paul | 17 décembre 2012

I would like to see more discussion about quick change battery packs.

Vawlkus | 18 décembre 2012

Obsolete with the superchargers.

Timo | 18 décembre 2012

I don't think "superchargers" are the limit either. We will see "hyperchargers" pretty soon. After that you need to invent more superlatives to describe next version (lightweight superconductive cables attached directly to 5MW fusion power station comes to mind, no superlatives to describe that).

Brian H | 18 décembre 2012

Hyperchargers would almost have to be robotized. No margin for fumbling around and human error!

mbergen21 | 30 décembre 2012

x2 on the HUD and surround cameras. I have both on my BMW X5 and wonder how I could live without them now.

pgeerlofs | 6 janvier 2013

I'm currently driving a 2012 Leaf. This may sound strange, but other than how the car drives, my favorite feature 5 months a year here in the PNW is the heated steering wheel (combined with heated front and rear seats.) When on range-stretching drives, it's amazing how the heated wheel reduces the need for cabin heat (I also drive a BMW MC with heated grips - same effect.) And it's not just range extension. There is nothing like getting into a cold car (if I forgot to preheat) and having a warm steering wheel within seconds. In my opinion - this should be standard in ALL EV's.

cprenzl | 6 janvier 2013

A really cool entertainment system would be cool and maybe more than the two Model S cup holders. If Elon is going after the minivan crowd he should make it more around 10-15 cup holders... quite a difference

jk2014 | 8 janvier 2013

Towing hitch would be fantastic and would finally push many family members to reserve one too!

C Bretaud | 16 janvier 2013

I think Tesla would be inspire to copy features that are available in SUV at same price like BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Range Rover, Jeep Gd Cherokee :
- adaptative cruise control and "forward collision warning"
- all seats heated, ventilated front seat, heated steering wheel
- reclining rear seats, trunk flat when the seats are lowered
- head display (BMW) and surround camera
- folding and heated door mirrors (very important in Europe where parks are small)
- "blind spot monitoring" -> Jeep = "Drivers will hear a chime and see an illuminated icon on the mirrors when the BSM detects a vehicle that is too close"
- front and rear park assist
- US entertainement system with lot of watt and speakers/subwoofer, hard disk, usb, Bluetooth, 3D gps (behind the steering Wheel), ...
- storage compartments in door and under the central touchscreen (this could be close to hide stuff from external eyes)
- power liftgate
- snow mode for specific settings
- ...

ghillair | 16 janvier 2013

@C Bretaud

You forgot the most important feature if you want to copy the competitors; A big 8 cylinder tubro charge ICE.

Tesla is making a different kind of car!

Brian H | 16 janvier 2013

@C Bretaud;
I imagine many of those will be options.

What you called a "head" display is termed a "Heads Up Display" (HUD) in English.

C Bretaud | 17 janvier 2013

@Brian H
Thank you for correcting me.
I agree that many of those features will be options for basic model x, but it could be standard for a Signature model for example..

I did not forget this part of the car. The features I mentioned above, provide comfort and safety. It is important for me as I drive 40k miles per year...
If I add the silence of the EV cars, it would be the "perfect" car I search for many years : confort, acceleration, "handling" and now zero emission

Brian H | 17 janvier 2013

Dual drop-down screens for videos and internet, in the back seats. Separate feeds, independent.

Softminimal | 27 janvier 2013

1. You have a space saving door system on the rear doors for the rear passengers which makes it easy to enter and exit in tight situations.
So why not have a Lambo style door for the front passengers so they can also get in and out or are you meant to walk through to the back of the vehicle?

2. The large screen is one of the things I like most about the Tesla interiors but the one in the up coming model x just doesn't look right.
It looks like it was an after thought the way it is jambed into the dash destroying the line of the dash board.
Model s is much more considered.

Softminimal | 27 janvier 2013

3. Loads of clever concealed storage is a must in this type of vehicle.
If you take a look at a really cheap car like a Honda Jazz as it is called in Australia, this little people mover has amazing versatility for what it is.

4. Possibly the ability for the design of apps as happens with Apple and its mobile devices allowing for unlimited personal customisation of some parts of the interface, i.e... custom skins etc.

5. Better utilisation of the front centre floor space than the model s.
Its great to have a clear through floor in the back seat for the comfort of the centre passenger .
In the front though it isn't necessary and would be much better utilised for extra storage and armrest room.

Jack_L | 3 février 2013

Parking sensors at least in the rear would be very helpful. THey remind you when you are getting close without having to actually look at the rear camera and guess how close things are.

gibbs | 3 mars 2013

4G internet connectivity?

Also, better placement of the cup holders than the Model S. Seems like it'd be a little difficult to use the arm rest, and the cup holder at the same time.

With that being said, if that's the only thing that I have to complain about, this is a pretty great product. to just see it in person...

Matias.duarte | 9 mars 2013

I have only two simple requests... which to abuse a term are actually a "deal breaker" for my wife...

1) Parking assist sensors
2) Blind spot indicators

Does anybody have any indication whether these might be included in the X?

Brian H | 9 mars 2013

Later this century.

davejgenus | 15 mai 2013

Great suggestions. I am looking forward to them
Families for Dementia Prognosis

carlgo | 15 mai 2013

I love the turning headlights on my X5, but now there are I think LED designs that promise much more, individual lights turning on and off to allow for both a long view and not to blind oncoming drivers. So high tech.

At least a light weight hitch to allow for bike racks.

Personally, don't like rear entertainment systems as I like the kids to look outside and see stuff. I absolutely hate it when kids have their faces buried in iToys. But most of the other ideas are good.

Oh, how about a clever way to disable cell phones when they are not in hands-free mode? And texting would be turned off entirely, coming and going.

Brian H | 15 mai 2013


But I recall looonnng drives across the prairies in childhood where counting telephone poles was about as interesting as we could manage in an effort to "see stuff".

carlgo | 16 mai 2013

Your negligent parents should have driven during tornado season. Cows flying by would be entertaining. Hmmm, "Tesla Tornado". Now that is a great name and I hope for a free one for my reward.

Brian H | 16 mai 2013

No tornadoes available. We would have been much entertained!

Graylion | 20 mai 2013

most importantly - bigger battery. imagine towing a horsebox on a bumpy country lane, or driving in a country that has a sensible speed limit or none. TBH I'd want this car to have at least 200 miles @ 120 kph range.

365365 | 22 mai 2013

I would like to see ventilated (small fans) front sets as I drive in hot weather

365365 | 22 mai 2013

I would like to see ventilated (small fans) front seats as I drive in hot weather

Brian H | 22 mai 2013

The profiles would have to be secure, in that case. Otherwise the teenager (or valet, etc.) would just use yours (and make adjustments to suit!).

carlgo | 1 juin 2013

Here is one, addition by subtraction: remove the stupid surround sound! Tesla is not the only offender as every luxury car seems to have this. Offer a real stereo, a limited number of quality speakers just for the front. Passengers can listen to those just as well. Or their own iPods or whatever.

How about a glowing tube amp? Now that would be high end!

Of course the range might be about 87 miles...

DutchieN | 14 juin 2013

Torque vectoring. I racall Elon talking about something like that...

Biricon | 16 juin 2013

Inkpaper display for steering wheel option keys. The Inkpapier display needs very less energy and you don't change very often the key option.

fjfernan | 26 juin 2013

How about HUD or "Google Glass" like augmented reality information system?
This could include the less fancy speed, battery charge, range, navigation, indicators, and multimedia info, and also more sophisticated ones like hand-free telephone calls, rear-view "mirrors" camera images, video recording fwd and aft, info about landmarks, night infra-red vision, pedestrian / animal detection...

Best regards to all TESLA fans.

kakumani | 26 juin 2013

Ventilated seats. At least on he front, but like to see on middle row as well.
Dynamic cruise control or active cruise control.
Parking assist sensors.

The car can be quieter. This may be considered a sacrilege by Model S owners, but my Lexus GX is just as quiet despite having an ICE. If Tesla is just as well insulated, it'll be nirvana inside. The computer is too noisy. Try sitting in the car with the climate control off and listen. There's something to be learnt from Apple in this regard.
More apps in the car will be great. These can be restricted while driving. Access to third party apps is what makes iPhone or iPad great.
An optional system to ping or warn when exceeding speed limits by a certain margin. Helpful for seasoned drivers as well as new and teen drivers as well. If the teens know that their driving habits can be tracked, they'll slow down. Speed limiting isn't probably safe, because you need it to be safe sometimes.
An entertainment system with at least one screen in the back. Even better to have two touch screens with connectivity and headphones.
More cup holders. More storage space inside.
Of course a bigger battery. Elon said something like 8% per annul is the Moore's law for battery capacity. That makes it about 7 years to make a 500 mile battery. Hopefully the charging will be well established by then.

EdieMilo | 27 juin 2013

Please move the front seat cup holders!!
They are in a terrible, non-functional, multiple spill hazard spot right now.
They need to be in front of the driver / passenger.
NOT by your elbow where you have to contort abnormally just to reach it.
Please, PLEASE change the cup holder position!
Thanx :-)

Biricon | 28 juin 2013

- Make the second and third row removable for more space
- LED Front lights (with all features like audis, BMW and Mercedes has)
- LED Ambilights
- mobile office integration (active sync) - mails and navigate direct to tasks
- wireless charging point at home (without garage this is the only save way)
- Mirror Link Support
- Wifi Hotspot in car (LTE)
- MediaCenter (for example XBMC - it's skin able)
- autopilot on highways and stop and go situations
- Surround View
- dead mirror view detection ( if you put out the turning sign, show the environment from this side on the screen)

Biricon | 29 juin 2013

If the car go away from loading position without the key, alarm should be started (configuration for silent and loud - 1min silent with mail alerting after that loud)

lotusguynyc | 29 juin 2013

The S was clearly the best car I have ever driven, and that includes my 911 I used to own. Where I would like to see improvement is in the interior. I didn't really like the S interior.
The best interior I have seen is the Mercedes AMG line in black. They nailed it. Modern, sporty, and luxurious with lots of brushed metal.

Since they are a partner, I would check these out and borrow, license or steal :) Most mercedes interiors I can't stand, and the technology is always dated. But the AMG I think they hired some fancy design guy and they are the best interiors I have seen in any car.... Check em out....

doneall | 1 juillet 2013

Vented driver seat. Pretty please!!!! It is probably my most favorite option in my current car.

rfvoigt | 5 juillet 2013

I echo the request for 360 deg cameras but would like to see them include a recording black box function in case of accident.

tara2809 | 27 juillet 2013

From a mom's point of view, the Model X will need cup holders for the number of people it will seat. The 2 cup holders in the S is an automatic no go for me because of my kids. I was thrilled with the floor space in the front of the Model S to put my purse that is sized to fit my Macbook but I would sacrifice that to get more cupholders in the Model X.

nashveg | 29 juillet 2013

Things that are missing from our S that I want in my X:

- only unlocking driver's door when approaching car, much more secure
- cup holders (including front cup holder for driver that isn't behind my elbow )
- an arm rest that doesn't slide while I'm driving (because it slides to cover the hard to reach cup holders)
- storage spot for change, pens/pencils (up front for driver) sunglasses (roof area)
- some storage for a few things for kids in the back, perhaps back of the seats
- USB charging in the back seat area
- cup holders for the back seat area
- heated seats for at least the middle row seats
- heated steering wheel
- have the car stay off instead of turning back on when the kids get out of the back. They dawdle and I'm stuck waiting for them to be sure the car is off & locked.
- Valet mode that would limit what the valet had access to (limit speed, lock the glove compartment, freeze the radio, lock the web accessibility, limit climate control usage, etc.): the last time someone had our S they doodled around on the web on a gambling site for about an hour & drained our battery since they ran the a/c to keep cool while they fiddled around.
- easier "power off" access, there's too many steps on current screen mode

Another Leaf owner who LOVES her heated steering wheel and the heated back seats. A traditional fan powered heater uses a lot of energy. In previous vehicles I saved energy by using my seat heater when driving solo or with another adult in the front passenger seat. But with kids in the back I had to run the heater to keep them warm, a big power drain. With the Leaf's heated rear seats that is over and the kids like the warm seats. Warm seats are cozier in my opinion.

Other less necessary but still useful:
- With the gull wings my rooftop carrier will be rendered useless. But there are some things I want to haul that I don't want in the car so I hope the X will be able to have a trailer hitch installed (after market).
- Parking/blind spot sensors. I don't currently use them much but the S is so low to the ground and the visibility is a little off from the driver's seat that it is hard to get a feel for the width/height of the front end. It looks like the X will have the same front end. The parking sensors would help by emitting a beep that got progressively quicker as I got closer to things (like my Honda van).
- Gull wings, I don't care if they go away. I really love my sliding doors on my van. Plus, here in the Northeast U.S. there are a lot of old building with very low ceilings in the parking garages and gull wings could be a problem.

tdtdurham | 8 août 2013

Make the rear hatch with window that opens, this way you can carry long items and have the tailgate closed. Have BMW 5 series wagon and really like this feature.

bent | 9 août 2013

- heated steering wheel
Does this matter so much when you can have the cabin pre-heated by remote control?

I ask because I have no experience with heated steering wheels.

(...) I hope the X will be able to have a trailer hitch installed (...)
I believe the Model X comes with a hitch as standard, or has this changed?

ian | 9 août 2013

How do you know the X will have a tow hitch when they haven't even shown us the beta prototype yet?

ian | 9 août 2013

Oh, and in case I haven't said it before, heated steering wheels are awesome! Please make that part of a cold weather package!