Feature For Winter Driving

Feature For Winter Driving

Having logged several hundred miles driving my Model S around in the snow and ice in the Reno/Tahoe area, I'm impressed with how well the car can do with no traction devices whatsoever (although I would not recommend driving this way on unplowed roads with more than 4 inches of snow).

While the traction control does a decent job of arresting the rear wheels when they slip, I've found that slipping can often be avoided in the first place by keeping the power to the rear wheels below 40 kW and keeping the regen from exceeding 20 kW. I've gotten pretty good at doing this with my foot, but I would love to have a feature that does it automatically - preferably one with adjustable thresholds to deal with varying levels of slick roads (the black ice setting would limit power/regen to 10 kW/5 kW).


jat | 17 janvier 2013

It could be useful to help when you need to conserve energy as well :). The LEAF has an Eco mode which limits the motor power to about 22kW.

Timo | 18 janvier 2013

It takes more than 10kW just to move the car at highway speeds regardless of road surface conditions.

300Wh/mile * 60mph = 18kW.