Gen III car is actually two cars

Gen III car is actually two cars

Right at the end of today's announcement he said that the Gen III car would actually be two cars, similar to the Model S/X concept we have now. A smaller sedan and smaller SUV. And he confirmed the Gen III cars and all future Tesla cars would be able to supercharge.

holidayday | 30 mai 2013

Darn it, I thought it would be three cars.

sedan, SUV, and ROADSTER.

ian | 30 mai 2013

Is this really a surprise? Every car maker does this. Platform sharing, that is.

I don't know if it will be a roadster but I know Elon's mentioned the Gen III platform as underpinning the new sporty 2 seater as well. I think he called it a supercar killer.

SamO | 30 mai 2013

The Gen III is actually three cars then.

ajamison | 30 mai 2013

SamoSam if they release a roadster i doubt it will be any cheaper then the old one or at least it would not be anywhere near the cost of the "mainstream" cars he plans to make

Brian H | 30 mai 2013

Yep, and the market for the IIIX looks (to me) to be massive.

SamO | 30 mai 2013


I see no reason why the new Roadster (if built on the GENIII with 20% smaller form) couldn't cost somewhere between GENIII and Model S.

Even with all-wheel-drive dual motor.

dortor | 30 mai 2013

so we're going to have the following 4 cars:

Model S
Model X
Model s (little 's')
Model x (little 'x')


ian | 30 mai 2013

dortor - Don't forget GenIII Roadster!

I like the s and x monikers for the smaller platform versions! Haha!

Brian H | 30 mai 2013

When spoken, use a high and squeaky but quieter voice. ;)

RedShift | 30 mai 2013

I agree with ajamison. Tesla needs a halo supercharger to be the brand ambassador. A sub 3 second super coupe/roadster would accomplish that. On such cars, range is rarely the top concern, performance and looks are everything. I am actually kinda sure Tesla is quietly working on something.

RedShift | 30 mai 2013

*supercharger meant super CAR.

George with SacEV | 30 mai 2013

Good thing we are building a real functional three car garage in our new home next year !

8 - )

Model S delivered next week
Model x delivered in 3 years
Model Super s delivered in ?

Brian H | 30 mai 2013

It will be called the Model D, for Super Dooper. Or not.

jbunn | 30 mai 2013

My understand from what back when was that the Gen III and new Roadster would share the same platform. Had not heard of the heard of a mini x.