Green initiative for company - anyone do it?

Green initiative for company - anyone do it?

I work with a company that has a headquarters and IT location that are 160 miles from a field location. We travel often from the HQ location to the field location - I would guess at least once a week a person of group of people do the trip. Sometimes a day trip, sometimes overnight.

I would like to encourage the company to put in EV chargers at each location, and buy a MS85 as a "green initiative". I think it makes sense for the company and for me - I'm getting a MS85 and want a charger at the field location!

I was thinking of this:
1. Put in EV charger at field location. Work with landlord and other tenants to fund it.
2. Demonstrate the MS85 travel to the location. I could take the CEO, CFO, and others a few times in my car and show them the benefits.
3. Put in EV charger at HQ location and buy an MS. Employees could schedule it like they schedule a conference room in Microsoft Outlook.
4. Let employees take the car on the weekend!

The chargers should not be too difficult; I think between the company, other tenants, and the landlord at each location we should be able to get enough interest and funding. I was thinking of 4 J1772 30-amp chargers.

For the financing of the MS, I figure it would cost roughly $95K in capital (probably just the battery option). Operating the vehicle would be paid for through reduced travel cost to the field location. At $.50 reimbursement per mile they are currenly paying, that would be $8,000 per year assuming one trip per week. That should pay for insurance, tires, maintenance - everything except depreciation. At 3 trips per year, it might even have a financial ROI. But the real selling point is going electric for the repeated trips.

If anyone has tried something similar, or has some suggestions, please let me know.

scottgs | 23 août 2013

Have you made any progress on this idea?

ian | 23 août 2013

Sounds like a great idea. Keep us posted on how it works out.

bonaire | 24 août 2013

If it is a company vehicle, they can factor in depreciation, tax credits, they can write off the miles used by the employees (for work) at .556/mile. (well they can do all the above for a gas car too).
The only thing about this is that it is greener. They could buy a 30-mpg highway car and just about do all of the above without charging costs. In California, peak daytime electricity is somewhat expensive and is almost on-par with gasoline per mile costs.

Pass it by the CIO and see if the green-cred can be budgeted. Most likely they will not find it to "work on paper".

They cannot write off the car legally if employees use it on weekends.

Here's an interesting item. GE (General Electric) has had a green initiative. They made new company car drivers get either a Chevy Volt or Ford C-Max Energi. Sounds good so far... Then they give them a friggin GAS CARD. Guess how many of them plug in their cars? None. Ridiculous when green initiatives go bad, eh?

bonaire | 24 août 2013

(correction) - CFO.