Halfway Technologies and the Breakthrough of Tesla Model S

Halfway Technologies and the Breakthrough of Tesla Model S

As someone who understands electricity and its ability to be created, harnessed and transmitted, the electric car has always fascinated me. My Tesla stock doubled today which reinforced that a modern, forward thinking industrialist - the unstoppable Elon Musk - has exceeded all expectations. And there will be some technical hiccups and PR missteps along the way, but he chose not to go the tepid "halfway" route like Toyota's Prius.

I used to get shredded in graduate school for questioning Toyota's misstep in not going straight to a full BEV, and I hope that Toyota execs are quietly wondering if they missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to provide the planet the real deal that Elon nurtured and accomplished. Sure, the Prius has saved millions of gallons of gas and got people kinda sorta used to the electric car concept, but IMHO as one of the world's premier auto manufacturers they should have cut the umbilical cord and deleted the gasoline engine from the design.

I look forward to the very bright future of Tesla and have the utmost respect for its team of outstanding engineers, owners and believers in the "Full Monty": Tesla Model S and X.

cerjor | 29 avril 2013

That's what Nisson did with the Leaf.

zero2hide | 29 avril 2013

cerjor - Yes, excellent point! But I wonder why they waited so long for those of us ready to buy and go full BEV?

KOL2000 | 29 avril 2013

The leaf - A bloated Jelly bean on wheels. Seriously I always expect people dressed in a clown costume driving when I see that car.

I think what the poster means is that Musk did it with a real, classy looking car. Nobody driving a Bentley would look at a Leaf, now people trade in their Bentleys, beemers, and audis for a Model S.

lolachampcar | 29 avril 2013

not exactly :)

zero2hide | 29 avril 2013

KOL2000 - Good observation. Style is a big part of success in the auto industry and even the crusty ex GM exec Bob Lutz has given Elon a humble nod of approval when he first saw the Model S.

Cattledog | 29 avril 2013

zero2hide - Well written, kudos.

cerjor | 29 avril 2013

KOL2000: In 1959 I bought a '55 VW beetle. Everyone said it was flat out ugly. But not to me. IMHO the Leaf is in the same category- owners like the looks others don't. If you look at the 4-door Renault Fluence BEV you will not see a jelly bean but a very plain sedan. Which looks better?

Xerogas | 29 avril 2013

Regardless of looks, the Leaf still has very little range, and takes a long time to charge. I applaud Nissan for going full BEV, but we shouldn't underestimate the groundbreaking import of Tesla's range and high-speed supercharging abilities. Leaf is consigned to be a short-commute car full of range anxiety; Tesla has broken into cross-country territory, and almost completely eliminated range anxiety.

Superliner | 29 avril 2013

The Leaf might fair better if it was not so hideously Ugly. REALLY why can't a relatively inexpensive car look nice.

KOL2000 | 29 avril 2013

Thank you superliner. I've yet to meet someone that can say Leaf is an attractive car on it's own physical merits. It's always with the proviso of it being electric. VW beetle had soul and character so it's not a great comparison. To each his/her own!

Brian H | 29 avril 2013

Early comments suggested the LEAF catered to Oriental tastes and ideas about futuristic design.

JaneW | 29 avril 2013

To be fair, the Leaf might fare better ... ;)

dborn | 29 avril 2013

Problem with Leaf sales in Australia is both the looks and price. We have a Nissan model called a Micra which looks like a particularly ugly frog. It does sell because it is relatively chep as far as local commuter cars go. The Leaf is marginally less ugly but costs around $50,000.00 in Australia. Madness!! Given that we are a major lithium producer ( but not manufacturer) not acceptable!! Needless to say, sales are lagging here except with the crazy greenies.

danielccc | 29 avril 2013

I like the Leaf from the front or a three quarters view. It does look jellybeanish but in a good, modern, friendly way.

From the back though, it's just ugly. There is no other way to put it. The fenders are the worst of all, and the tail lights are very strange.

The interior is nice.

So the car is tantalizingly close to having appeal. With a reworked rear and an EPA 100 mile range, it would be an outstanding car in its class. Hopefully, that's what we will see in Leaf 2.0, whenever that comes out.

dstiavnicky | 30 avril 2013

The leaf is definitely ugly. I love the clown comment. Perhaps they should make the handle to the plug-in compartment into a big red ball? Then they can hit their target market.

Actually, I think Nissan generally has been steadily providing us with many ugly cars (think Cube or Juke)... and their Infiniti counterpart makes the worst sounding cars (what's with the groaning sound when they accelerate?)