High level idea on solving Tesla fire 'worries'

High level idea on solving Tesla fire 'worries'

I have been following Tesla for about 3 years now and I want more than anything to see them shift the entire market towards electric cars. However, as it seems, the media loves to blow up with stories of these battery fires. I was pondering the idea the other day and had an idea that could possibly work. What if Tesla built an extinguisher into the battery. Either around the sides or a compartment in each battery which emitted the correct chemicals to stop the chemicals in the battery from burning when it detects an irregularity. This could prevent first responders from have to do anything except attend medical needs and thus prevent all dangers of battery fires...

aaronw2 | 13 décembre 2013

They already have. There is a material inside the pack that reacts to fire with an endothermic reaction and forms a sort of foam from what I understand.

blue adept | 17 décembre 2013


Tesla passing the NHTSA's inspection with flying colors should more than suffice to resolve any "worries" anyone might have about potential fires.