High Power Wall Charger - Length?

High Power Wall Charger - Length?

Very excited! Ordered and confirmed our Model S 85 last week with delivery estimated for end of November. That would definitely be something to be thankful for! The electrician showed up yesterday to install the 100 amp circuit breaker for the High Power Wall Connector. The specs for the HPWC estimate the cord length to be about 25 feet. The electrician estimated about 18 feet. That's a big difference.

Anyone out there with a HPWC and a tape measure? I'm hoping the answer is closer to 25', but if I need to make any adjustments then sooner would be better than later. Thanks in advance!

Captain_Zap | 5 octobre 2013

I'm confused by your question. Do you want to know the length of the cord on the HPWC?

Congrats on the car! I got my car Thanksgiving weekend last year.

MacDaddyDude | 5 octobre 2013

Yes, what is the length of the cord for the HPWC. The electrician said about 18 feet and the documents said about 25'. Thanks!

Dramsey | 5 octobre 2013

Um, on what basis does the electrician think it's 18 feet?

bryanjaf | 5 octobre 2013

I was told that your car should be within 18 feet of your source by Tesla. I'm not sure that answers you question of how long the cord is, but the recommended travel is 18 feet or less, fwiw.

MacDaddyDude | 6 octobre 2013

@Dramsey - he has done multiple installations of the HPWC, but he also installs other charging solutions around town, so I'm not sure if the number of "18" is an actual number or an approximate one. I can get the car within 18 feet of the plug, but modern garages being what they are...the best overall fit would place it about 22 feet away.

They say everything is bigger in Texas...except for the garages!

tes-s | 6 octobre 2013

My HPWC is mounted on the wall in front of my MS. I park nose-in and have no trouble with the length of the cord.

tes-s | 6 octobre 2013

To answer you question, the HPWC cable is roughtly 25' long from where it connects to the HPWC to the tip of the connector.

My charge port is about 18' from the wall in front of the car where the HPWC is mounted.

I think 22' would be pushing it. When connected, the cable drapes down from the HPWC, runs along the floor, and then up to the charge port where it connects at a right-angle.

My HPWC is mounted close to the floor for that reason - bottom is about 18" off the floor.

MacDaddyDude | 6 octobre 2013

@ Tes-s - Thanks! Yeah, big car, small garage...It will be a challenge either way, but it will be a challenge that I will gladly work to solve!

JPPTM | 6 octobre 2013

You might be confusing the length of the UMC cable (about 18 feet) and that might be the figure being tossed around.

PapaSmurf | 6 octobre 2013

You need to save a few feet of cable length for running down the wall, then back up to the level of the charge port. You don't want 25 feet of cable hanging in the air taunt between the HPWC and the Model S charge port. 18 feet to cover distance and 7 feet for slack (so cable rests on ground) sounds about right.

Brian H | 6 octobre 2013

Yeah, a taunting cable would be bad. So would a taut one! ;)

Andrew_OH_S60andS70D | 7 octobre 2013

If you go to Plugshare and search for 45147, you will see BookFactory's EV charging stations. The one on the left is a Clipper Creek Level 2 charger, and the one on the right is a Tesla HPWC. The second picture shows a blue Model S plugged into our HPWC. Picture 4 shows the HPWC mounted inside the door. This gives you a visual of the full extended length of the HPWC cord. The front of the Model S is about two feet from the wall of the building.

tes-s | 7 octobre 2013

I park nose-in and the HPWC is mounted on the wall in front of the car, just to the left of the car so it is a straight shot to the charge port. HPWC is about 2' off the ground.

It is about 25' from the wall where the HPWC is mounted, to the garage door. If the car is in far enought for the garage door to close, the HPWC cord will easily reach the charge port with plenty of slack - no strain on the HPWC or charge port.