My car is scheduled to arrive in June and am wondering how easy the Homelink is to set up? Did I understand correctly the car's GPS will automatically trigger the Homelink system to open the garage or gate once the car is in "range"?

Thanks and can't wait for the car!

Brant | 14 mai 2013

I found it very easy. The car will sense the location and the homelink drop down menu will appear on the touchscreen.
(you still have to press the screen button)

David Trushin | 14 mai 2013

However, you can still push the button before it senses the location and get the door started. Don't know what the range is, but it is at least 80 feet (length of my driveway. Location sensing is more like 20-30 feet.

bobrode | 14 mai 2013


elguapo | 14 mai 2013

Agree with others. It was very easy and the GPS link works well.