hot weather issues?

hot weather issues?

With the stories in the media in the last few days, obviously all attention is focused on how cold weather affects the performance of the Model S. I live in the Kansas City area, so I'm interested in hot weather issues as well as cold weather issues. Two specific items come to mind...

Obviously air conditioning in summer will have an impact on range just as heating in winter does. Are those similar in magnitude?

How does the control pad fare in really hot weather? For obvious reasons, it has been compared to having a very large iPad in the dash. But I"ve had more than one friend who has left an iPhone or iPad in their car during the hot summertime only to find that the device went into thermal shock due to the incredibly hot temperatures that build up inside the cabin. These devices had to cool down significantly before starting up. Has anyone seen problems of this sort with the Model S control pad?

Brian H | 16 février 2013

you misunderstood the question completely.

Though the battery is kept within acceptable temp range, I don't recall any mention of overheating of e.g. screen circuitry. It's conceivable the electronics have cooling fans, but have heard no mention of them.

nickjhowe | 16 février 2013

@iamgrey - re your first question, the Go Electric page suggests you lose 10 miles (at 70deg) and 25 miles (at 90deg) if you use A/C vs the 300+ mile ideal range.

Re your second, the big difference is that iPad packs a HUGE amount of electronics into a TINY space. The S has loads of air space, and the windshield includes a thermal barrier. Never had any problems with any of my car electronics in 90+ deg in Florida, with the car sat in the sun. Don't expect to have problems with the S. But you never know...

Brian H | 16 février 2013

True. The internal temps in a PC (inside the CPU) get to 140°F routinely, IIRC. Airflow at 90 or 100°F is just chillin'.