How do I convince family I'm not crazy for going all-electric?

How do I convince family I'm not crazy for going all-electric?

So my Infiniti G37 is on its last legs and I'm looking for a new car. I just test drove the Model S and am extremely impressed. I'd like to get it but I'm getting a lot of negative feedback from family. Not that any of them own a Tesla but my wife says it's a silly car because we can't drive all the way from Toronto to New York. My father (a car buff) says the Model S is an unproven go-cart (he did test drive it). He asked me what would happen if I experience an issue with the car when I'm up in cottage country (1.5 hours away from the only service center in Canada). With a gas powered car I'd be able to pull into any local garage but with the Tesla I'd either have to tow the car 1.5 hours to the service center or wait for someone from Tesla to drive up and give me a loner.

How do I address these questions and convince my family I'm not crazy for going all-electric?

Drymr | 9 mai 2013

Sorry, I posted this thread twice by accident!

highfalutintodd | 9 mai 2013

1) Show them the Motor Trend car of the year article

2) Show them the Automobile Magazine automobile of the year article

3) Show them today's Consumer Reports article with a 99 out of 100 score

If that doesn't work, do it anyway and learn not to care what they think. ;-)

Mark2131@CA-US | 9 mai 2013

Maybe a Tesla is not the right car for you.

It's not our job to convince you or your family. If you can't withstand the skepticism that all early adopters deal with, then don't buy it. Meanwhile, there are thousands of quite happy owners enjoying their Model S.

njelectric | 9 mai 2013

1) Many families that can afford the model s have a second car. If you are not willing to stop and charge on long trips, take the other car
2) Buy one and show your family a different way of getting from here to there.
3) There are over 10,000 model s cars on the road now. Reading these forums you will see that very very few cars have just died and been undrivable.
4) there are a lot of complainers on these forums but they almost all start out posting"I love my model s". The rest of the people posting with no complaints just love their cars.

TimJ | 9 mai 2013

Tell them Consumer Reports says it is the best car they've ever rated. Nuff said!

RonaldA | 9 mai 2013

Have your wife pump the gas in a snowstorm or thunderstorm, then take her for a model S test drive.

J.T. | 9 mai 2013

The S is more impractical for me than for most people. First of all, I don't pay for my gasoline so I'm just adding the charging to my expenses. Second, I don't need the car. I drive a 2006 4runner to my restaurant and we use my wife's A6 for a family car. Third, I am not extravagant in any way and haven't owned a sports car since I had kids. But I'm getting the car anyway, because I'm 60 years old, I'm pretty successful, and I'm worth it. Take that L'Oreal!!

stephen.kamichik | 9 mai 2013

Let your family members each take a test drive.

Hi_Tech | 9 mai 2013

How long did you own the G37? Tally up all of the costs (initial cost, maintenance, gas based on miles driven) for the number of years you owned. Then figure out what your average cost of ownership was per year.

Compare it to the Tesla's Model S, which would be at a much higher premium/luxury level for a slightly higher annual cost.

That's what I used to help convience myself that this type of car is good for me. The family will always have strong opinions (as mine do). That's one of the great benefits of having them! The first step is to convience yourself that it's the right car for yourself (which it may or may not be). :)

hfcolvin | 9 mai 2013

Doubters always come up with worse case scenarios. An ICE could also leak gasoline onto the crank case (or something like that, I'm already forgetting how those things work) and catch on fire incinerating me and my family. That didn't prevent me from buying an ICE car in the past.

An everyday likelihood is that, in a Model S, you'll be driving the best car made, and you and your family will love it. If it does go completely dark on you, and that his highly unlikely, it will suck for a little while, but Tesla will make it right and you'll be back to the 99+% loving your car.

Best case scenario is in a future upgrade, the Model S will sprout wings and be able to fly NY to SF but that's a long shot.

eltonf | 9 mai 2013

You only live once. The car is amazing! Get it!!!

sflahert | 9 mai 2013

In 10-20 years, when you can't give away an ICE vehicle anymore, you will know you've made the right choice. How many picture tube tv sets do you think they're selling now? How about VCRs and CD players? ICE = yesterday. Tesla is the future.

Andre-nl | 9 mai 2013

I assume you have a job and earned your money. Simply buy the car and tell your family to climb up a tree!

jasonsc | 9 mai 2013

I remarked that I was doing this "for our children, and their children. If we don't start now, who will." That being said, I had back up plans too.


riceuguy | 9 mai 2013

Got my car last Saturday, wife had been mocking my "electric car" idea for months. Left town on Monday, she's been driving it since, seems like I am going to have a hard time getting it back! Nothing I said convinced her, but driving it for 4 hours and her car is gathering dust.

kelly | 9 mai 2013

My wife said I was crazy to spend that kind of money on a "car". (Probably because I give her a hard time about spending all of "our" money (she's a stay-at-home mom now) on everything else.) Now that we have The Model S she begs me to let her drive it.

And the kids absolutely love it! Last week I had to take the Model S in to have the Jump Seats installed (so I was going to be without the car for a day) and my 3 year old ran out to the garage to "kiss the car goodbye". When I brought the S home the following evening (with the new Jump Seats) the kids wouldn't go to bed until they got a chance to try out the new seats. Every chance they get....they want to ride in the S.

That said, YOU have to decide if the S is right for you and your family. How do YOU use YOUR automobile (or two). WE also have a Nissan Quest Minivan for family road trips and the "other" everyday driving vehicle.

mal42north | 9 mai 2013

When you figure it out let me know what the secret is. I have the same problem, but went for the purchase anyway. Don't regret it for a minute, since I now actually look forward to my morning commute. In the mean time I'm confident that the tide of history is on my side.

DarrellH | 6 juin 2013

When we got the Roadster 4 years ago, I know many of our friends and relatives thought we were crazy. A few said so to our faces but others did behind our backs (which still got back to us).

Now we've had the Model S for 9 months and we don't have any ICE cars. A few still think we are crazy (even though the grouse about the cost of gasoline and we just smile). Several of our friends and family (which thought we were crazy) have ordered and/or taken delivery of their own Model S. Now they LOVE their cars and are believers in EVs.

We have driven 800-900 mile weekend trips to SoCal 4 times with the S. Great trips with no issues (luckily the existing Superchargers are where we need them). Soon we'll be able to drive into Oregon and Washington and... I hear Maine calling!

Don't worry about what people say. They need to live in their own reality. You need to live in yours. We are very happy in our reality with our EVs.

Epley | 6 juin 2013

In addition to what others have said:

No oil changes. Ever.
My kids love the car and want to hang out in it. Instant babysitter ;)
It's roomy and comfortable.
It's rumored to be among the safest vehicles on the road: 5 star crash ratings all around according to Elon (official results yet to be published).
Not many moving parts to break down unlike an ICE.
That "go kart" acceleration gets you around slow cars, into other lanes, and onto freeway ramps much better than other cars.
It's amazing to drive in stop and go traffic because of the regenerative brake.

I could keep going, but you get the idea. Your family will ultimately have to take a leap of faith as you have done, but that leap will be rewarded.

MS-lover | 6 juin 2013

they are crazy for wanted to drive ICE's

AmpedRealtor | 6 juin 2013

My partner is 100% on board, but the rest of my family will not know. My sister, parents, etc... They just wouldn't understand. Trust me, very often the less your family knows about your affairs the better. Mine won't know until it's too late.

lolachampcar | 6 juin 2013

First is was the motorcycle... and the ICE bike was abandoned in the garage.
Then it was the MS and the play car sits abandoned in the garage (actually, just sold MS and having to drive the play car for a few weeks while the P85+ comes in... Elon was right; gas stations suck)
In a few weeks, my wife's MS order will go to production.

No convincing was necessary once my family saw the process in action. It happens all by itself.

Anyone interested in slightly used S1000RR or 550 Maranello?

ajamison | 7 juin 2013

Get the car anyway, before you do keep track of the last 5 times you have to fill your gas car write the totals down and add them up.

then when you get the Model S you can tell them you saving over X amount every year because your not filling it up with gas. I am not sure how expensive fuel is in Canada but here in the states in some places its dang near 5 a gallon.

c.bussert67 | 7 juin 2013

Don't convince them. Do your thing. For some reason some people just can't grasp the Tesla platform. Blame it on habit and change... me? I like new ideas. I had raced electric RC cars since I can remember. When brush less, li-po technology came along, I couldn't believe real cars hadn't figured out this powertrain. Its so powerful, efficient, clean.
I didn't tell anybody I was getting my S. I held the secret for years! I would hear all the negative comments on the side from people catching wind of Tesla's effort. I'd just laugh with them, knowing one day I'd show them.
Once I got my S, we surprised everybody on the delivery day.
They were initially shocked, but now I have two of my relatives in Tesla stock so they can buy one in the future!
If you have the means, get one! It is going to be the best investment you can drive. Show them what vision you have!

Brian H | 7 juin 2013

It varies, but about $5.45. Power is about 10.4¢/kwh (highest tier).

djm12 | 8 juin 2013

I just sold our BMW325 and now drive only the BMW Active E and the Tesla Model S. With the rollout of the superchargers, and option that I paid a good deal of money for, I now have the freedom to drive just about anywhere I want to go. If some off trip comes up that cannot be easily completed, I'll suck it up and borrow/rent an ICE - I'll actually find it very amusing to see how long I can go without putting gas in a car!

michael1800 | 8 juin 2013

You may not be able to completely convince the family. Even if you addressed each concern, because EVs are new, doubts will likely remain until people in general see it work as a solution.

The road trip concern is real...although temporary in nature based on the SC roll out and general EV charging proliferation. You can quantify specific trips by looking at the projected SC timeline.

The electric go-cart concern has already been addressed.

The breaking down in rural areas concern will continue to be an issue, although it's not Tesla-centric...personal experience here. Service centers are expanding, but still...breakdowns could be painful in some locations. Have a basic plan in your head before those trips.

In the end, make sure you convince yourself with the facts. Prove to other through demonstration. :)

jbunn | 8 juin 2013

My total "fuel" bill is $28 per MONTH. And all of my highway driving is Free on the supercharger network. Went to LA and back (750 miles) a couple weeks ago. "Fuel" costs? $0.00

Car pays for itself over it's lifetime when considering the rising price of gasoline over the next 10 years.