How fast can you go in reverse?

How fast can you go in reverse?

Since the cumulative knowledge on this forum is incredible, from technical advice to grammatical correction to philosophy and beyond, I was wondering about reverse. In ICE vehicles reverse is a low one-geared drive with a limited top speed. Since the S has no transmission, is Reverse simply the opposite of Drive and therefore you can go as fast backwards as forwards?

Since I've had my S, I spend a lot less of my time at gas stations so I am able to spend it more productively like pondering questions like these. In the new marketing strategy Tesla says that you can drive the S for $500/month because you spend less time at gas stations and your time is worth $100/month or more. Who knows, maybe someone will invent the perpetual motion machine in the time he/she might normally have been in a gas station.

cgiGuy | 2 mai 2013

Ask BYT. He drives to work every other day in reverse..

stephen.kamichik | 2 mai 2013

I believe reverse is limited to about 15 mph.

nickjhowe | 4 mai 2013

I've tested it and for me on SW v4.3 the car limited itself to 15mph.

mikegre | 4 mai 2013

I'm in my car now, driving in reverse at about 50 mph and texting this message. So far, there doesn't seem to be any probl

lph | 4 mai 2013

Mikegre, If you can look up for a moment... are the people in the cars following you waving to you?

Oliver in Seattle | 4 mai 2013

Transferring the steering control to the rear facing seats overrides the 15 mph limiter.

Mike C | 4 mai 2013

From a similar thread a while back, the OP is correct that the theoretical limit is the same as for forward, but the S is software limited. There was a video of a Leaf doing a whole race in reverse.

Timo | 5 mai 2013

I think unmodified Leaf does have software limit as well (something like 20mph), but for that race it was removed.

oakport | 6 mai 2013

Bumper Sticker -

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Brian H | 6 mai 2013

especially driving top speed in reverse!

Andre-nl | 6 mai 2013

Afaik there has been only one production car that could go as fast in reverse as forward (without modificaton). The DAF. With 'het pientere pookje' (the smart stick). It had an early version of the CVT, we see on some cars today. But back in those days it had rubber belts instead of the metal one now used.

There were special races in The Netherlands that were quite popular for some time:

Brian H | 6 mai 2013

23 solid minutes of Dutch madness!

DouglasR | 6 mai 2013

Sign displayed on the wall of a local body shop:

I want to die peacefully in my sleep, like my grandfather;
not screaming in terror like the people in his car.

Hans (Amsterdam) | 7 mai 2013

I guess the Nissan Leaf holds the record for backward driving.
As fast backwards as it can drive forwards.

BYT | 7 mai 2013

"Transferring the steering control to the rear facing seats overrides the 15 mph limiter."

Yeah, when my almost 3 year old twins drove from the 3rd row seats we all became very car sick. They like to turn the steering wheel to their most extreme left and right positions at all times as fast as they can. It also cause my insurance rates to skyrocket... :)

jkirkebo | 7 mai 2013

15mph? How am I going to do a J-turn at 15mph? ;)

ziggy | 7 mai 2013

If can think of no greater incentive for hacking the Tesla OS then going reverse at full steam!

craigi | 7 mai 2013

+1 Andre-nl

Dr. Bob Reinke | 7 mai 2013


Was the sticker on the front or rear bumper---perhaps you couldn't tell.

warrior350 | 6 novembre 2013

So I am newer to the electric car concept. From what I've seen the Tesla s uses a 3 phase motor. I am interested in knowing the method the car uses to swap the motor direction, whether it be an actual mechanical change or something as simple as a seperate relay fired via the CPU to change the motor leads.


jkn | 8 novembre 2013

Inverter makes 3 phase AC from DC. So no mechanical change needed,
not even relay. Timing of power transistors is changed.

nickjhowe | 8 novembre 2013

Yup. The phase timing is shifted slightly. That's enough to do it.

July10Models | 9 novembre 2013

The real question is; if you are traveling in the forward direction at 100mph and you slide the car 180 degrees, what happens, if you are accelerating, breaking?

hsadler | 9 novembre 2013

Hell of a regen

BarryQ | 9 novembre 2013

You're probably breaking. You might even be braking while you're breaking!