How to make it last 250,000 miles?

How to make it last 250,000 miles?

Supposin' a fella wanted his Model S to bang out 250,000 miles over the next 10-15 years - what are the things he'd do today and in the coming years to give him the best chance of showing up in style in 2025 with a vehicle that still is in great shape?

noel.smyth | 9 janvier 2013

thinking same thing - I typically get 10 years 200k on my cars. I suppose its all about the battery life for this car.

djm12 | 9 janvier 2013

Given my driving history, I'll be in the market for my third Tesla in 2028. (Nothing special) 250,000 miles is a lot of driving without the new car smell.

jbunn | 9 janvier 2013

Change the oil every 3,000 miles, and always replace the oil filter at the same time. Worked for me.

Motoring | 9 janvier 2013

would say a fella would need to tend to the ordinary things like tyres, whatever fluids thar be, battery fer sure, and overall care of the driving machine. :)

Joshua Burstyn | 9 janvier 2013

All in all y'all gots a better chance at gittin' 250,000 miles in this here rig over an ICE, y'hear?

Anthony H | 9 janvier 2013

"Anything you drive, you destroy."

Drive less to make it last longer.

Brian H | 9 janvier 2013

Defeats the purpose of getting 250K miles in if you don't drive it.

jeroens | 10 janvier 2013

take care of the paint, wash, (mild) polish, wax...

Make sure there is a good wax (or sealant) coat on at all times (esp. Winter) and remove Bird-droppings and tree 'juices' immediately....

PaceyWhitter | 10 janvier 2013

I would think you should never range charge, try to not let the battery run down low as much as possible, and use the upcoming charging app to set charging to finish right before you get in the car. The battery will get the most life if the charge stays right around half full.

The reality is that if you want that much life you will also have to accept a reduced range later in life. How much? Only time will tell.

Sudre_ | 10 janvier 2013

Purchase the battery replacement package. A new battery is like buying your next 10 years of gas, not maintenance. The car itself will just require keeping up with whatever typical things Tesla will be doing to it when you take it for it's yearly service. Unlike an ICE you should not have to worry about driving it carefully. Just drive it and have fun.

I think jeroens is right. The biggest worry is keeping the paint looking good and taking care of the leather.

lolachampcar | 10 janvier 2013

What endurance testing did you do? What did you put the motor and inverter through as part of your life cycle testing?

stephen.kamichik | 10 janvier 2013

I still have my 1976 Datsun 280Z which I bought new. It is in mint condition with original paint, exhaust system, etc. My secret...I never drove it in the winter (Quebec winters and salt are brutal)and it was always garaged.

lph | 10 janvier 2013

There are still things like brakes, wheel bearings and steering bushings to deal with. So ther still SOME mechanical maintenance. Not much though.
As with a loving spouse .. be caring, and he / she will give plenty in return.
...Its tough keeping it gender neutral ;-)

Xfrank | 10 janvier 2013

it's easy.
First do 249.999 miles. one mile later you have 250.000 miles!

Brian H | 10 janvier 2013