How to submit complaint to corporate?

How to submit complaint to corporate?

What is the best place to file a complaint that will reach an executive team level?

We completed pre-financing application and indicted the day of order we would be leasing. That was 57 days ago on Apr 11. Today, the day of delivery, it is cancelled late in the afternoon (after we called for the 3rd time wondering where it is!). The paperwork isn't submitted from Tesla's leasing company, and they're closed. Not going to happen today.

We followed up throughout the waiting period several times. I'm not sure what more we could have done. Someone dropped the ball.

A really crappy thing to be surprised with. Now we're home for the weekend with big dinner plans to make our first drive, but no car. Really f*ing pissed.

ratanlal | 7 juin 2015

Yesterday on our way back from Las Vegas to LA we called Service. First time we were put on hold for 15 minutes and disconnected. We called again and our number was taken for a call back. Till today no one has called back.

Drmichellekizel | 24 décembre 2015

I ordered my Tesla after a long discussion with salesman about what I needed from the vehicle. The distance I would drive daily (90 each way in ideal traffic) a typical 12 hour time period the car would sit during the day in an open lot with no charging available... The salesman said an S70 would give plenty of slack in the drive no worries at all... I get into my new vehicle and drive to and from work in absolutely ideal conditions and barely make it into my driveway with a sever car warning about the minimal battery left. I contact the delivery specialist who passes me onto another service specialist who eventually calls me and tells me he will call me by day's end to discuss things... I'm still waiting. For that call. I get so frustrated with no one returning my calls and emails that I go into the Lawrence avenue dealership and have the service manager look at the car and tell me that nothing is wrong with it and try and explain how I can drive the car differently to eek out a few extra kilometres. Like turn HVAC off during the drive... I live in Canada... Am I supposed to drive with no heat in winter so I can make it to work and back in a luxury $100K plus vehicle ? Anyway I get told by the service manager that the dealership manager Martin will call me by day's end..... I'm still waiting for my call... The salesperson called me and said he would see about rectifying the situation and getting me into an 85 which obviously should have been sold to me I initially. I think it's absolutely unconcable that after I explained my needs I was sold the wrong vehicle and now that the car is paid in full I get no rectification. I absolutely give Tesla service a -10 out of 10.

sp_tesla | 24 décembre 2015

It seem Tesla is not in Lexus service class!

Mike83 | 24 décembre 2015

You must be joking.

Bigcheese | 13 juillet 2016

Would be interested in an answer to the original question posed - how to submit a complaint to Tesla Corporate. Most email addresses they publish are just not answered.

oliverhg | 28 septembre 2016

Same here. Would be interested in reaching Tesla Corporate. There is a tendency for the lower levels to just ignore complaints hoping it will go away. This only builds up until it blows up on the company. | 28 septembre 2016

@Dr: For that commute you got bad advice. Depending on road conditions and how fast you drive, your S70 will likely be huffing and puffing at the end of the day, as you experienced. A conservative rule of thumb for highway driving for the Model S is 3 miles per kilowatt hour of charge. Tesla holds some energy in reserve leaving a 70 kWh car with maybe a little more than 60 kilowat hours of usable energy. 180/3=60. You are living on the edge. You can make it but, if you live where winters are cold and it snows, you will be in trouble.

stevee | 13 février 2017

My internet radio hold button no longer works when you leave the car. It worked perfectly for the 1st approximate year I had the car. Service in Van Nuys admits that its an issue but has no idea when it will be fixed and is doing a lousy job of communicating anything to me about it. | 14 février 2017

@stevee - What is an Internet radio hold button? What does it do? I'm a long time owner and I've never heard of it before. If you're talking about one of the buttons on the steering wheel, I'd be very surprised if Tesla said they couldn't fix it.

paul | 16 mars 2017

Did you ever find a way to escalate up to Corporate? My ownership experience, from purchase through roadside assistance, has been sub-par. I've called, emailed and sent letters, but no response. I've gotten some emails back from Fremont, but when I respond, they go into a black hole. You would think Tesla would want to hear about their customers bad experiences to improve their processes!

larry | 1 décembre 2017

Hi Clint – my last inquiry was 3 weeks ago and the first was 2 months ago. We have still not received our refund for the service plan and have not heard back from you as to the status. Please let us know when we will receive the refund. Many thanks – Meryl Stern

Meryl Stern, Vice President of Operations

Professional Services Staffing, LLC

dba Social Work Professionals

310-473-4448 Fax: 310-477-1312

cell: 310-420-2592

edkcac | 1 mai 2018




Yodrak. | 1 mai 2018



You give her car back. | 1 mai 2018

@edkcac - Are you an approved Tesla body shop? My understanding is Tesla does not sell parts to non-approved shops. I expect they are concerned about the special requirements of working around high battery voltages and complexities with an aluminum body repairs. They want an approved shop to go through appropriate Tesla training and have the tools on hand needed to repair Tesla vehicles.

lilbean | 1 mai 2018

Lol, Yodrak.

Tropopause | 1 mai 2018

Reviving old threads. Using all CAPS. Not good.

sonydn69 | 27 mai 2018

The recent upgrade of the Navigation System for my Tesla Model S is not very good compared to the previous version. The head up for making the turn too short. Under heavy traffic condition, the head up of 500 feet is not enough time to change lane and make the turn.

Vk518 | 31 mai 2018

The day I received call for pick up/delivery date, we were very excited. While inspecting found several issues with my Vehicle. 1) Front Hood not aligned, 2) Back hood closing part where the trunk is, wasn't aligned, big gap on one side. and they old us to make an appointment to fix those two items. Than within 2 weeks after we accepted the delivery, passenger side door making noise while roll down the glass window.(motor making sound while rolling up). 4) Auto Pilot: while holding staring wheels, seems like CAR was pulling to the Right side, instead going straight.
Today: My SUV-X is in their repair shop and will take total: 2 weeks to fix. I have spend over $100,000 for new vehicle not for DAMAGED or used. What should I do? This is Terrible. I am not happy that my X in Repair shop !!
Very frustrating, sad, and upsetting. Do I hire any lawyer? what to do? - Thanks.

kurt.saik | 12 juin 2018

Picked up my model 3 on jun 4 and it was missing the front passenger wheel well and exposing a bunch of critial parts to both tire and weather conditions. To say the least, i’m pissed and embarrassed. Tesla! you have to stop the strategy of “dumping cars and mopping up” after. This is getting ridiculous.

Pissed off owner, long Tesla | 12 juin 2018

@Vk518 - Sorry to hear of your issues. Not clear, but did you buy a CPO (used) vehicle? If the mileage was < 50 miles, it is clearly a new vehicle and not used or damaged. Sounds like some errors made in production, which Tesla is fixing. Yep, it is annoying, but I don't see a case. Talk to a lawyer if it makes you feel better, but I suspect it will cost you a lot of time and money for nothing unless Tesla fails to fix the problems. I think the lemon law (if your state has one), allows the manufacturer to try and fix the item 3 times before you can invoke a buyback. Usually the process takes many months too.

On AP, most owners are not used to driving in the center of the lane, and tend to ride one side or the other (depends on your country LWD/RWD). AP will center the car in the lane and generally does a very good job, but it seems "off" at first to most drivers. It sounds like that is what you are seeing. It mostly a matter of the fact the driver sits off the centerline, whereas the AP cameras are in the center of the car. Look at the display and it shows how you may be driving (without AP) uncentered in the lane. There is no adjustment for AP to ride off-center (although a few owners would like it).

ken | 14 juin 2018

@Elon/Executives - I wonder what Elon thinks about his service division. More importantly what does the TESLA Community think about the overall service experience?

Multiple issues; I think I have a lemon. My door panel has been coming apart over and over, I find water leaks every time I go through a car wash, the rubber linings along the door way keep coming apart from the car, the online booking system is misleading and causes problems once you get to the service location (i.e. no loaners; "come back next week", "the online booking service is new"). I've gone to the service locations over and over for numerous issues...I just ignore things now just so I don't have to deal with the hassle of going to the service locations...replace my car with another Elon!!!

$80, 90, 100k+ products shouldn't have issues like this...and service should be stellar at the least. Products are great, but needs more attention to detail. Not quite at the luxury level as it's competitors...

amathu | 7 juillet 2018

I wish to bring to your notice about the car Tesla which was delivered to me on June 02,2018. After a very long long waiting period. I got delivery of this car with great expectations . Thought I am a proud owner of this car,but ended up up with great dissapointment as it was giving trouble due to many manufacturing defaults.
I noticed the following defaults:-
Lift gate /back light / fender / hood / charging door/ quarter panel /door opening handle are not allied.

and eventually have to return it to the dealers for correction and repair.

Now almost 3 weeks have passed and have not heard anything about it's delivery.
Please ensure that proper correction is made and delivered to me at your earliest.
Please get back by email.
Thank you.

amathu | 7 juillet 2018

What is the phone number /email address for customer relations ??

Xerogas | 8 juillet 2018

@amathu: "Now almost 3 weeks have passed and have not heard anything about it's delivery. Please ensure that proper correction is made and delivered to me at your earliest. Please get back by email. Thank you."
OK, we’ll email you as soon as it’s done. What is your VIN?

lilbean | 8 juillet 2018


margieshapiro1 | 9 juillet 2018

We just bought Model S. There is a problem with the seatbelt. It rubs my neck and there is no way to adjust this. On all other cars, I can adjust the seatbelt and now I fear I will not be able to ride in the car and be comfortable. I have bought clips and a seat belt extender. They did not work. How can you help me?

NKYTA | 9 juillet 2018

Adjust the seat, upward. | 10 juillet 2018

Or tilt neck sideways :)

"On all other cars" - Wow every car ever made from every manufacturer has adjustable height seat belts? Odd, as I don't remember my last 8 cars having this. Not to say it's isn't desired (the Model 3 has them), but never needed them myself. (Sorry if I'm poking a little fun at this - I realize it's a bothersome issue to you).

DAVID | 11 juillet 2018

In April this year, we purchased a brand new X model from the Las Vegas store, our rep was Curtis. Everything fine, except when asked for trade-in. They were only willing to give us $10k lower than the value of our trade-in. Curtis then told us if we make large down, it will reduce our exposure to sales tax just like a trade in. I did not catch it on the contract but they did not, we paid sales tax on the full amount. I just found out about this about 2 weeks ago and asked Curtis to fix this, he said he cannot do anything, I reached out to corporate, no response, bounced all over the place, dead ends etc. I never thought I would be treated like this after spending close to $100k on a car. Very disappointed, just letting everyone know, only good thing is the car, don't expect service, your better off with KIA.

EVGuy2018 | 12 juillet 2018

Sorry you guys are having so much trouble reaching a Tesla; I think they are too busy right now screwing up their Model 3 reservation list to field any inquiries!

manavraina | 25 juillet 2018

My Model 3 was supposed to be delivered this last sunday but they couldn't get he paperwork ready in time. Now, this is the 5th time that the delivery has been rescheduled. The delivery adviser won't even answer my calls or emails anymore. Don't know who to even complain to.

CleanEV | 25 juillet 2018

Wait till you get the car and heaven forbid you’ve an issue how long it takes to get someone to respond. I will leave it at that - suffice to say I am super frustrated but after spending 56k the only thing left is to plead to get resolution. Good luck to you

Rizvi3 | 27 juillet 2018

how to i reach executive level customer support?

mreitman | 1 août 2018

I hope that Tesla reads this thread. I have been trying to reach the Dallas service center for over a week. They don't respond to emails and when I call the auto attendant forwards the call to customer service. Customer service tells me that they can't reach anyone and tells me that someone will call back. When I called again customer service transferred me to the Dallas service center which just caused me to be back in the auto attendant que and customer service answered again. I keep calling and emailing and no one responds. 90 minutes on the phone today. The best that I could get was that the CSR sent an email to the service center and told me that I should hear back within 48 hours. I own two Model S's. This is unacceptable and I should be able to reach someone empowered to deal get a response.

rsrivast | 4 août 2018

I have a CPO pick up tomorrow at Tesla Fremont center. Have been trying to reach my sales adviser with no response. He would not give me the time of appointment, go figure. NO response to phone, text, email. I have the bank check and have started paying interest. Horrible buying experience! | 5 août 2018

A Sunday delivery? Wow. What more could you want a company to do?

ckcland2 | 8 août 2018

@margieshipiro1 my wife bought a seatbelt "adjuster" on amazon. Cost $8 or so, a piece of junk if you ask me but it works. I tried to link the exact one we bought but it is no longer offered. Perhaps just try a different one? Good luck...

mukesh_jain24 | 20 août 2018

I ordered my model 3 without autopilot. With in a week I decided that I need autopilot so I called customer service. After waiting for a long time I was forwarddd to multiple department. Finally I was told to go an buy from my tesla account and I had to pay 6000$. After waiting for 2 days the autopilot was not pushed. I called customer service and initially I was told that I should have it. But after an hour of analysis I was told that they are still running some test on my car and it should be available in next 24 hours. After waiting for 3 more days I walked into local Tesla store. The local Tesla service team had no idea how this autopilot push works. After waiting for / hour they are asking me now the proof of purchase. The service is pathetic. I never expected this kind of service from premium brand. Whenever I call customer service they put me on hold for 30 minutes.

reiterroof | 15 septembre 2018

Why do they send wrong parts when the order is clearly shown the correct one.
Why does it take so ridiculously such a long time to get simple body parts. Just body parts like 1/4 panel, doors, WTF
its been 4-6 weeks and getting nowhere fast. Just got last part needed and wrong side qtr panel. Dont they read the orders?
My love for Tesla is quickly fadeing and getting me very upset. I want my car back. Service king in West chester RO# 3259657 has my car and they are frustrated also.
I dont understand, im a Customer who wants to buy again, who brags about how great tesla is, im a stockholder, and this just doesn't make sense.

MauiDon | 16 septembre 2018


NKYTA | 16 septembre 2018

Try SHOUTING less.

Newstvguy | 17 septembre 2018
SARAT199 | 22 septembre 2018

Reservation # RN109179255.
I am tired calling Tesla, and being kept on hold, I've even written emails to 2 reps (out of desperation), no reply to those emails either.

email history:
on Spet 22nd 2018:
to: Elizabeth Arguello , ""

My delivery did not happen as planned. Multiple things went wrong, and this has been a very bad experience for me and my family.

1. My appointment was at 7:45PM 9/19. I was there at the delivery center by 7:10pm. There was no host to attend to my appointment till 9:10PM!!
2. One lady helped us to the car, on inspection the car assigned to me had multiple scratches.
3. After waiting for almost 2.5 hrs at the delivery center the host tells me that the trade in value on the paperwork was incorrect. And the only choice I had was to forgo ~600$ on trade in value.
4. Now, today. I have been on the phone for over an hr trying to reach a delivery agent. With no luck. (I have phone records to prove that)

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had while purchasing a car.

vanjum | 24 septembre 2018

I just called Tesla and the message told me I have to wait for 50 minutes. Ridiculous.
I hunted for the guy who sold me the Tesla (Nixon @Santana Row, San Jose, CA) and his VM is full.

I am very disappointed with their customer support. I wonder if they even read these complaints.

And, Oh BTW, did I mention that I had the worst experience picking it up this month.

anuj_shahi24 | 26 septembre 2018

This is a customer of Tesla model 3 car of Tesla. I Booked car and paid $1000 for booking then $2500 another when everybody got emails to pay another amount and what Configuration to build your own car. I did too and around 20 days before I got a Call from Mr.Rodney Puttock to me that my car is ready for delivery wire us the money. I said let me go to bank and file the loan paperwork and will wire the money. I filed my loan and it got approved.I put the Nationwide Ins also on the same VIN No.Then my bank needed some proof of title to put their name on it I made Mr. Rodney a call and he said all of a sudden the car is pulled out from the system and no VIN No. exists of the number provided before. Then he sent me message for another VIN No. ready to get ship to me. I did the same thing and again on the same point of providing me the Proof of title with a lien of my bank name on it, he said me the same thing again the car VIN No. disappeared from the system. These TESLA people are just a stress givers giving their customers stress and creating problems for them. They just making fools of their customers by making them fake calls and making them IDIOTS to go to banks and fill the forms and taking insurances on fake VIN No.'s I will never recommend anybody to buy a TESLA. It will be a big trouble for everybody according to my experience.
Anuj Kumar Shahi

Xerogas | 26 septembre 2018

@anuj_shahi24: this sounds entirely made up, like it came from a poorly-written script.

NOLEK SUM | 27 septembre 2018

I received a defective tire repair kit. I emailed a reply to the order email and asked for a call back to rectify and got an immediate call back. And now I have George’s direct phone number!

Rgup1 | 27 septembre 2018

On August 31, 2018 I visited the 8500 Tyco Road, Vienna, VA 22182 to explore options to replace my pre-ordered Model 3. I met sales advisor and he helped me to identify an inventory Vehicle Model S-100D. At the time of sales I was informed about the inventory vehicle:
• Has approximately 8500 plus mileage as this vehicle was used for Demo purpose.
• The cost of the car is $93000 after all discount and fees.
• The vehicle will be delivered like new, all dent, scratch will be fixed if there are any.
• Full bumper to bumper warranty ( 4 years or 50,000 miles) like new car starting at the mileage at the time of purchase.
I made the additional deposit of $2500 to buy this car with transfer of $3500 from Model 3 deposit.
Within few days I was contacted by delivery team to schedule appointment of September 23, 2018 for my car at Tyco Road, VA center. I requested a Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement (MVPA) to finance the vehicle by FedChoice Credit Union. Delivery person promised that she will send the MVPA in few minutes. When I did not receive the MVPA for few days I contacted Delivery manger unsuccessfully as she was on leave for a week or so. I contacted Sales Advisor at the Tyco Center for his assistance. He said its nothing he can do and I have to deal with Delivery Manager from the delivery team.
When Delivery Manager return from her vacation she provided me the MVPA of $95,000 ($93,000 + 2000 Transportation fees). During the sale on August 31, 2018 there was no mention of the transportation fees of $2000. After discussion with Sales adviser and his manager they agreed to give me two years maintenance and weather mats as this was an overlook on the sales adviser.
On September 22, 2018 , I received a call from the delivery Team Tyco Road that we will not be able to deliver the car on September 23, 2018 as the car is still on the dock in Baltimore. They want me to come on Tuesday before 5 PM. I mentioned that my son who is the co-owner is a Surgeon will not be able to come before weekend. I was told that they will mail the documents to him overnight via FedEx for his Signature. When my son did not receive any documents from Tesla till Monday afternoon I contacted Tyco Road Delivery team to confirm the appointment for Tuesday. I was told yes, the appointment is confirmed and they will mail the paper afterward for his signature. He still did not receive any documents for his signature as of now even after the delivery of the car to process the DMV paper work.
On Tuesday September 25, 2018 at 12:30 PM, I went with my wife to get the delivery of my New Tesla Model S. The delivery adviser Eric took us to the car and told that it has gone through 200 points inspection and 4.5 hours to detail the car. We walked around the car to inspect as we were seeing for the first time. The car was very dirty in and out side even after 4.5 hours of detailing as mentioned by the delivery team member. We did not feel like that we are getting a new car that is worth $95,000. The car was sent twice to get cleaned in out after escalating to the delivery manage. The cars has 5 scratches. Delivery team refused to fix any of the 5 identified dent/scratches, while I was informed by the sales adviser that there will not be any dent/scratches on the inventory vehicle.
At the time of Sale I provided my friend referral code to get lifetime free supercharge. The sales adviser forget to apply that into my account in-spite of many remainders. I was informed at the time of delivery also that I have free lifetime supercharging. Delivery adviser also mentioned that they will order replacement mats. But as of now there is indication on my Tesla account that I have free lifetime supercharging. When I contacted Sales Adviser about the free supercharging, he start yelling at me that I threw his name under the bus in front of his manager and colleagues. He called me a liar. He asked me to not contact him in future.
My entire experience dealing with Tesla is horrible from Sales to Delivery. I was treated much better at other car dealerships such as Lexus, Toyota etc. I will not recommend anyone to buy Tesla.

madelyn.loreen | 2 octobre 2018

I am not sure what the point of this forum is — and I have to admit that my experience pales in comparison to some I have read — but here it is:

The phone wait times for service are ridiculous. No one can be expected to purchase a luxury vehicle and then wait on the phone for 40+ minutes just to be hung up on because the system is BROKEN. Tesla looks like it is being run by children when no one can get a call in to them. Phones are BASIC technology NOT ROCKET SCIENCE. Answer the phone, talk, address the issue, hang up. While a child could do it, it would be nice if there were adults at Tesla to handle this.

Also, I was erroneously charged for a rental car that was supposed to be my NO CHARGE LOANER CAR and it has taken the better part of two months to get acknowledgement that I was charged in error; still haven’t received the check.

Finally, I am just now getting my replacement screen after ... I can’t really remember how long I have been waiting.

I know Tesla has been having delivery issues. And money issues. And Elon Musk issues. But the customer should not be concerned that these issues are affecting service once the vehicle is purchased.

Mr. Musk is paying is $20 MILLION.
Tesla is paying $20 MILLION.
It would be great if someone could answer the F***ing phones now that all wrists have been duly slapped by the SEC.

sosmerc | 2 octobre 2018

If I owned a car dealership, I would require all of my staff to read these Tesla forum threads where people discuss their delivery and service issues. Lot's of valid points about how NOT to handle people.