I made a new video showing EU-spec parking sensors in action

I made a new video showing EU-spec parking sensors in action

The video shows some new features:
- Parking sensors in displays w/feedback sounds
- Wifi connectivity
- First SC in Norway, Dombås
- New door handle behaviour
- Muted tailgate?

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013

Very nice, thank you! Love those new features!

bnyland | 29 juillet 2013

Danke Schön for the feedback :)

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013

:) Also great to watch with the descriptive text rather than comment, pleasant music as well. Do you produce videos often?

pebell | 29 juillet 2013

Awesome, thanks! Very happy to have seen the PDC sensors in action!

bnyland | 29 juillet 2013

I made a lot of videos on Vimeo before. I still do though. But YouTube has a different audience. I'm planning on making a lot more videos once I get my red P85 :D

tobi_ger | 29 juillet 2013

@bnyland +1
Keep them coming! :)

nickjhowe | 29 juillet 2013

Great. Thx.

I see the icons have changed in Nav - it says 'Start Nav' not 'Navigate', 'Traffic' has become a stop light icon, and 'Satellite' has become a globe icon. There's also the 'North Up' icon at the top of the Nav display.

Bradtc | 29 juillet 2013

I love the parking sensor interface. I sure hope that can be added to my S here. I love the give in the handles too. Looking forward to those map and wifi features propogating out too. Thanks for posting!

bnyland | 29 juillet 2013

So the software changes haven't been rolled out to the existing US cars yet?

Brian H | 30 juillet 2013

No schedule yet, even. Vague comments.

carlk | 30 juillet 2013

Thanks for the video. Do you know what is the minimum distance it can detect? From the video the last distance shown was 31cm before it goes to the red stop warning.

TheAustin | 30 juillet 2013

These all look amazing, and the parking sensor interface is AWESOME! I love that it gives distance as well...Perhaps it's time that I stop being surprised when Tesla implements something in a way that's even better than I imagined.
The only negative thing I saw was that websites still take a long time to load, even when connected to WiFi...However, I don't use the web browser very often, so that's not something that will impact me.
Anyway...Can't wait for the new features to make it to the US cars!

Notre | 30 juillet 2013

That webpage ( is rather large and the connection seemed to be via a mobile hotspot (3G).

tobi_ger | 30 juillet 2013

Yes, hotspot was named "Samsung" and was probably tethered to the OP's phone. Still, great to see it's available.

Bubba2000 | 30 juillet 2013

WAAAH! I am about to take delivery of my 85P/Pano and now I find that Tesla will soon be offering parking sensors! I hope they can retrofit these things.

Notre | 30 juillet 2013

You also need tech for the sensor option.

bnyland | 30 juillet 2013

I looked at the pictures on this forum and couldn't see any numbers lower than 30 cm either. I'm guessing they put a 30-31 cm threshold (1 ft) for the stop signal:,8405.105.html

Yes, I set up my Samsung S2 with tethering. The 3G could have been the bottleneck here.

CalDreamin | 30 juillet 2013

Excellent video, I love how the parking sensors work.

earlyretirement | 30 juillet 2013

Thanks so much for taking the time to share. I was trying to hold out for the park assist. Now I regret not waiting a few months longer.

I sure hope they make that available as an upgrade that we can pay for here in the USA.

P85_Norway | 30 juillet 2013

@ bnyland +1

This is also Nice, from you:

bnyland | 30 juillet 2013

Thanks for the feedback :)
And thanks for re-posting the link, @P85_Norway :)
I want to get a test drive of the EU-spec. Hopefully in a few weeks. I will make a video and post it here.

chrisdl | 30 juillet 2013

Thanks, Bjorn. Very informative video!
Did you just walk in there and ask if you could film all this? Good stuff.

bnyland | 30 juillet 2013

Yes, I walked in and asked if it was ok to take videos. They don't mind at all as long as it's the car in the demo room. But I was not allowed to take photos in the garage/repair shop area.

I was lucky getting a live demo of PDC. First when I asked to see it, they said they can't do it because there were customers inside the demo room and no EU-cars were available for driving. But right before they closed the shop, I was the only customer left there, and I got a quick demo :)

firerock | 30 juillet 2013

I wonder will Tesla retrofit existing cars with the parking sensor and how much would that be?

Car-El | 31 juillet 2013

Thanks Bjørn.
I like your videos. They are informative and nice.

The only thing I don't like is that I have to wait 1-3 month before i have our car.

maxbafh | 31 juillet 2013

Thanks for the great video.

What would be interesting in the user manual there is a screenshot mentioning "Blind Spot" OFF / ON -> Regarding to the manual it should be under Controls > Settings >Safety & Security

May you verify that, if the option is available and ask how it is working :-)

bnyland | 31 juillet 2013

@Julius,North Norway:
Thank you for the positive feedback :)

I have written it down now and will check it tomorrow after work. I only live 5 minutes away from the Tesla shop :)

Ohms.Law | 1 août 2013


It was also exciting to see that sensor "buttons" were (apparently) hidden on the exterior of the car. Good job Tesla.

soren | 1 août 2013

Perhaps I have missed something. But are wifi connectivity standard in all eu models?

tobi_ger | 1 août 2013

Interesting question... maybe it's part of the tech package or not, but WiFi isn't mentioned anyhwere on my design studio/ordering page.

pebell | 1 août 2013

@Soren: I think so, because I read Tesla has not been able to close deals with European telecom providers yet, so wifi and a tethered phone, like demonstrated in the video, are the only way to get the cars online right now.

OleJA | 1 août 2013

Wifi has been enabled in Firmware ver 5.5 which is installed on all the EU demo cars. AFAIK the Wifi hardware is available on all cars delivered so far, independent of tech package or not, but need this new FW version to be rolled out.