I saw my second Model S, yesterday.

I saw my second Model S, yesterday.

I was a pedestrian at the corner of Government and Johnson streets, in Victoria, BC. Much to my delight, there was a purplish Model S with what looked like a family of four inside, waiting at the light to continue up Government Street. I was so excited that I gave them the international sign for, "Roll down your window", which they did. Then I blurted out to them, "This is the first one I have seen in person, thank-you!", while giving them two thumbs up!
They drove away. The car had Washington State plates.
I have only seen one other Model S in Victoria. It was back a couple of months ago when a similarly coloured Model S with BC plates (I think) turned left as I was waiting in my 1987 Corolla (it's just broken in) to go straight at the corner of Blanshard and Bay, here in Victoria.
I read these forums everyday so it was cool that I actually manifested a Tesla.

David Dennis | 19 avril 2013

Down here in South Florida, where everyone drives the craziest cars they can find, I have yet to see a Tesla in the wild.

I wonder when my first sighting will be ... probably in Miami in the Aventura Mall, since that's where the most expensive cars in my universe seem to congregate, but we shall see.

Oh, and I have seen a Fisker, believe it or not. It was running down Rte 95. I wonder how the owner feels :(.

Any other South Floridians with Teslas or who have seen them? I'm pretty disappointed not to have seen one yet. Although I confuse Jaguars with them all the time ...


tjyudman | 19 avril 2013

Here in SoCal, daily sightings of multiple cars is common!

celtrog | 19 avril 2013

Live in so cal
It took a month or two to see my first
Now not uncommon to see one or two a day

jnb | 19 avril 2013

In downtown LA/Pasadena area, I see them regularly. 2 in a day is not uncommon. In fact, I have 3 in my office building now, in June mine will be number 4!

Koz | 20 avril 2013

I've seen 5 or 6 in South Florida. A couple on I95 and a few in Coral Gables/ Coconut Grove area.

Cattledog | 20 avril 2013

Saw one this week for the first time in San Antonio. My wife's seen a bunch all around...just what is she doing when she has the car?!?

noel.smyth | 20 avril 2013

a sighting in Wilmington DE this week, I was walking outside of my office building at lunch and a silver one drove right past me. That makes at least 3 there (my brother and I are the two)

cb9 | 20 avril 2013

I have only seen 2 in the wild, but one of them twice, on the same route in Montgomery County MD, and we are only 15 minutes from the service center.

MrElectric | 20 avril 2013

We have done 50+ charging installations for customers in the greater Chicagoland area. While we have seen several in garages I have only noticed 2 "not in captivity". The customers we have talked to say they get mobbed wherever they go with people wanting to gawk at this magnificent machine.

carlk | 20 avril 2013

They are everywhere here in Silicon Valley. My record of sighting in the wild is met two MS at the same time at the stop light. One two cars before me and the other next to me in the other lane.

jonslusser | 20 avril 2013

Here in Manhattan Beach, CA I see a Model S almost every time I drive. When I visited Palo Alto I saw just as many.

Noah.S | 20 avril 2013

I've seen a couple at the University of British Columbia. It's pretty exciting to actually see them in person, after reading about all the specs and features on the site.

KWTESLA | 20 avril 2013

In the Central San Joaquin Valley I have not seen one on the road since I took delivery in March. The only time I have seen them is at Super Chargers and near Santana Row. A friend said that Palo Alto has one on every corner. Maybe you all are driving to fast ?

elguapo | 20 avril 2013

They are very rare here in MD. I know there are plenty, but I have seen two in the wild. One parked next to me the day after I finalized - clearly a good omen.

Pbfoot | 20 avril 2013

Agree that sightings in MD are rare. Aside from the Rockville service center, I've only seen two other Model S, both of them at the airport parked at the charging spots (which unfortunately with two Volts parked as well, meant none were available for me).

gwegner100 | 20 avril 2013

I saw 5 today alone in San Rafael (Marin County CA), 6 including mine.

mdennick | 21 avril 2013

I live in North Orange County, CA and still very rarely see them, maybe once or twice a week. I drove to Palm Springs a couple weekends ago, saw 2 there and one driving back. Today I drove 200 miles round trip to San Diego and didn't see a single one, until I stopped at the Hotel Del Coronado. There I saw 2, of course. They were performance too, of course. ...follow the money. ;-)

Davidinkl | 21 avril 2013

@David Dennis
I know there are four in the Key Largo area, but I have yet to see them myself. We've all had them for months, so it is strange to me not to see each other. I have seen a black one from out of town once. I'm driving up and down KL all the time in mine.

Brian H | 21 avril 2013

Way back in Nov.-Dec. about 70 Sigs were delivered to the Vancouver area, and I've yet to spot one, much less any subsequent Productions that made their way here. Bummer. But I'm promised a close-up on a new one next month. Yay!

MGlasfeld | 21 avril 2013

I have yet to see one out here in New England. My service center said that another Model S was sold to a fellow in my town of Mystic, CT, leading him to suppose that, at two units in this small town, we may, in fact, have the highest number of Model Ss per capita, in the world. Still lookin'.....