i-Flex Airless Tires

i-Flex Airless Tires

Light weight, sturdy, and superior shock absorbency. I am hopeful that Tesla is looking into these as an option for the current and future models in the (very) near future. Shaving off every bit of weight helps with extending the vehicle's range, and these would be no exception.

Gary-L | 9 septembre 2013

Sorry, let me try that again:

janwendt81 | 9 septembre 2013

Looks interesting for real ... reminds me of another tire technology i heared of some years ago...someone claimed he has invented tires of corn starche or sth like that, that have a lifetime of beyond 200000km while having perfect grip. Those were also airless when i remember right and even formula one showed interest by that time...but then i never heared of it again...anyone knows more about futuristic tire technology?

janwendt81 | 9 septembre 2013
Heres a Link about corn stache tires but its in german...artikle says its more lightweight, more resistant and saves fuel, plus it has more grip on wet tires, been shown on IAA Automobil exhibition 2013 in Frankfurt it says...

Haeze | 9 septembre 2013

Every time I have heard of these sort of airless tires (Including the Michelin Twheel) the only drawbacks have been in lateral stability, and expense, since the wheel has to be custom made for the weight rating of each model of car.

EVMD | 9 septembre 2013

You saw it in FOX, don't believe it

Timo | 9 septembre 2013

I wonder how well those behave in snow once those holes are full of ice. Or cold in general, I remember once going to school at -30+C and it felt like my wheels had a flat spot at the place where they had been resting against ground for a short while. Flexing changes with cold for sure, but how much.

GeekEV | 10 septembre 2013


Roamer@AZ USA | 10 septembre 2013

EVMD, it has been my experience that people who don't watch FOX are often very limited in their knowledge of current events. I like to get all the news not just the politically correct authorized news. You might be surprised to learn what you are missing.

Brian H | 10 septembre 2013

The reason Fox has been able to buy all the sports broadcast rights is that it out-draws the next few networks combined (news stations, anyway). The liberal "Faux" meme is defensive stupidity.

Timo | 10 septembre 2013

Lack of knowledge is less dangerous than incorrect knowledge.

Gary-L | 22 septembre 2013

Gotta love how people can turn a topic into a bunch of political BS. If you don't like the original source and feel that it cannot be believable, then post information that supports your argument rather than making baseless statements!

/end rant

Even though the initial cost of airless wheels is likely to be more than the cost of purchasing a set of conventional wheels, I'm wondering about the LONG TERM benefits, which would be: 1) reduction in the overall weight of the vehicle, 2) reduction in fuel consumption (which is critical for either petroleum or electric), 3) longevity of the wheel, 4) performance of the wheel.

Assuming items 1 and 2 are met; that the lifetime of the wheel is longer than that of conventional rim & tire technology, and performance is equal to or superior, then it appears that the long-term cost is reduced and this technology is definitely worth pursuing.

Timo | 22 septembre 2013

In order for that to last longer than traditional wheel you need to resurface it. I'm also not very convinced that it is even close to traditional tire in performance and grip. Or durability.

As I see the only real advantage is that it doesn't deflate when punctured making it a bit safer tire.

In short I don't believe these are better before I see some real life test. Idea is not new, and in theory it works, but theory and reality have not met yet.