Interesting Range Drop

Interesting Range Drop

Yesterday I didn't drive that much. Drove to a party, was there for 3 hours or so, then drove home and then to another stop. Total mileage was about 65 miles. Range went from 184 to 110 then from 110 to 63, and finally 63 to 49.

Today I drove actually farther, mileage shown on odometer / miles since last charge was 20 less than the Rated Range, which with AC, driving 70-75 for a bit on the highway would seem was pretty spot on.

Should I be concerned, or would having the car parked with the AC on for a while (we left my son's EPI pen in the car and wanted to keep it within its range) account for the dramatic loss in range?


Captain_Zap | 7 juillet 2013

Have you had the car for long? If not, keep your energy app up on your display until you are more familiar with the car, your normal energy consumption rates and its associated read outs.

Leaving the AC on with the car unattended does not use that much juice, especially if the car is in range mode. Using A/C while parked will skew your remaining miles calculation quite a bit until you get quite a few miles on the car because you are consuming energy without adding miles.

We would need more information to determine whether this is anything other than an anomoly caused by the calculation becoming skewed by your use of A/C while parked.

Brian H | 7 juillet 2013

You should be very concerned. You were too close with the fob, and your son snuck into the car and drove it around real fast while you weren't looking.

stsanford | 7 juillet 2013

Aah, yes, maybe that is what it was. I have been driving so much since getting the S, our ICE machines just sit idle... I just haven't left it idle with the A/C on.. Will continue to keep an eye on it.

nickjhowe | 7 juillet 2013

@stsanford - are you talking about the miles shown on the speedo? So you did 65 miles but used 134 miles of range?

What does the energy display say? What was your average Wh/m for the last 30 miles?

Is your display set to show rated range or ideal? If the latter that might make sense. Ideal miles are calculated at close to 280 Wh/m. If you were heavy footed you could easily do over 400, and hence the ideal miles would drop significantly more than the actual miles driven.

I've seen the A/C consume up to 3KW/h; rated range is 307 Wh/m, so one hour of A/C use could be as much as 10 miles or more of range.

stsanford | 7 juillet 2013

@nickjhowe: I have Rated Mileage displayed, I was a bit heavier-footed than I have been, but it seemed totally out of line. I did drive about 90 miles today, and it showed 120 miles of range loss, but that is pretty consistent with running in the 70-75 MPH region.

Will continue to monitor. Thanks for the input!