Invitation to Model X Premiere

Invitation to Model X Premiere

I received an invite to the LA event 02/09/2012 @ 7pm. Did anyone else get an invite?
SSL212, & R373

Mycroft | 19 janvier 2012

Most likely all Signature reservation holders received it.

Teoatawki | 19 janvier 2012

Yep. If they were going to leave anyone out, it would be me.

discoducky | 19 janvier 2012

I asked but haven't received one. I'm only a P' on though.

DeDe | 19 janvier 2012

@discoducky - We received our invite, but we can't make it...If it's transferrable, you're welcome to take ours...

gagliardilou | 19 janvier 2012

Got the invite. Sig holder.

jd3tm | 19 janvier 2012

Me, too. But why on a Thursday night in LA? Anyone who goes please post pics and reviews. Not that I would switch but I'm interested to see how much the X will have in common with S?! And, my recently engaged Son may need something bigger than his VW soon! ;-)


Sig 692

DrJ | 19 janvier 2012

Got it, sig holder also. Too bad I live in Austin.

Brad Holt | 19 janvier 2012

Ha! DrJ, I think that's the first time I've heard somebody say "Too bad I live in Austin." #DFW

engle | 19 janvier 2012

Where in LA are they holding the "X reveal" -- just curious! :-)

I recall "S" was revealed at Elon's SpaceX facility?

space09 | 19 janvier 2012

Got it, but unfortunately will be on the east coast for work the day before. Anyone want to lend me a spot on their private jet to make coast to coast trek? Robert.Boston, I'm looking at you. :-)

tomas.hutters | 20 janvier 2012

Got it, unfortunately we are in Europe (Sig #45 there)!

The Froq | 20 janvier 2012

Got it, happely I live in Europe. Have to buy me a ticket!

digitaltim | 20 janvier 2012

Got it - Sig holder here in MD.

Soflauthor | 20 janvier 2012

Got it. Sig holder in SoFla. Curious to see the design, but not curious enough to fly cross country.

discoducky | 20 janvier 2012

Thanks John! I'd take it if it was!

vouteb | 21 janvier 2012

but obviously not going.

JimBl | 21 janvier 2012

OK, i admit it, I am a cave dweller and don't see much of the outside world. Does anyone have any background on the Model X? Is this the 4X4 version or something else? Any dates for production?

Thanks, back to my cave now....

EdG | 21 janvier 2012

@JimBl: Given that the internet is getting more and more like Plato's Cave ( ), you can stay in your cave and wait for the shadows on the site, coming in just a couple of weeks. Stay chained into your cave! You can come out when your Model S (or X) arrives.

Robert.Boston | 21 janvier 2012

There's plenty of nattering about the Model X over on Tesla Motors Club forums.

stephen.kamichik | 21 janvier 2012

Since only Signature reservation holders are invited to the model X unveiling, I think the model X will be more expensive than the model S.

Timo | 21 janvier 2012

Considering that there is over 1000 signature owners, that might as well be just because of large number of people and decision to let those that have put aside more money to get a little treat.

AFAIK Model X should be about same price as Model S. Personally I don't care, because Model S is already too big to me, I don't care about even larger vehicle. If there would be a smaller hatchback version of Model S I would probably be into signature list of that vehicle. Something in VW golf -size class (which isn't actually that small compared to Model S).

Just for fun I "build" an 2012 VW Golf R to as close as possible to Model S (which is still far far away) and got over $35k car. Subaru Impreza WRX which is my really considered alternative costs over $40k with some options chosen (still not Model S class or even close). Teslas "smaller, general public car" should be no-brainer to me if it has decent range. Make it 4WD and it can cost quite a lot and I still get it. | 21 janvier 2012

If anyone doesn't who's not planning on going to the Model X event wouldn't mind sending me their ticket (assuming it's transferrable), I would greatly appreciate it. I reside in Los Angeles.
Please visit our site ( and for economic comparisons between the Model S and other vehicles.

Contact me at
Max Mindel

bfranks273 | 21 janvier 2012

Just dug mine out of the spam filter. Seems they sent it from a slightly different address. Came on the 19th. I can't make it. (Not a ticket be instead a reply to the email. Call your local Tesla shop and ask.)

mcornwell | 21 janvier 2012

Max, perhaps you can ask for a press pass?

brianman | 21 janvier 2012

bfranks could make Max his +1 :P

Waymond | 22 janvier 2012

I will also be attending the event on Feb. 9th.

According to Green Car Report on Jan 19th,

"That event, complete with "test rides," is to take place at the company's design studio in Hawthorne, California."

See you on the 9th,


mdennick | 22 janvier 2012

I'm fortunate to be in So Cal, received the invite (Sig) on the 19th by the funny x email address. When I looked it up on G-maps it says SpaceX next to the Hathorne airport. How fun... I drove up to Fremont so I wouldn't miss this.

ThomasN | 22 janvier 2012

Drove up? It's not til 2/9

VincentA | 22 janvier 2012

Got my invite, and will be flying down from Vancouver, BC for the event. We are Sig (Canada) as well as (very happy) Roadster owners.

wtrask4 | 22 janvier 2012

If anyone can't go to the Model X event, I'd love to go.

P182 (holding my reservation since March 2009)


wtrask4 | 22 janvier 2012

If you are signature holder that got a model X invite and can not attend, please email a copy of your invite to me.

I'd love to go in you place an take pictures for you.


Brian H | 22 janvier 2012

Has no one bothered to call a customer rep and ask if the invites are transferable?

If not, perhaps there's time to arrange "+1" rendezvous(es).

(Yes, I know the sing. & pl. are actually the same! ;) )

wtrask4 | 23 janvier 2012

Unfortunately the invite is not transferrable. As I stated before, the invitations were sent with the expectation that all invited will not be able to attend. I want to stress again that this is simply the reveal event and just like with Model S, there will be many other opportunities to see Model X in the future.

Well this is one perk of being a Signature Reservation holder...

Looking to seeing photos from the event.

discoducky | 23 janvier 2012

I just hope someone invites Max from TeslaRumors as their +1.

MandL | 23 janvier 2012

Sig #802 in Baltimore. We're going. A long weekend in LA in February has got to be a little better than a poke in the eye. And I'm hoping we get to see a little more of the Model S

phb | 23 janvier 2012

An open appeal to all going to the reveal:

Bring good cameras and take LOTS of pictures of the cars (Models S and X)!

David M. | 23 janvier 2012

There will be plenty of photos of the Model X prototype on the web on Feb 10.

However, when will I see a photo of the final Model S dashboard?

phb | 23 janvier 2012

Hopefully soon thereafter!

jackhub | 25 janvier 2012

I picked this up at the San Jose Mercury News site,

'Theo O'Neill, a cleantech analyst at Wunderlich Securities, has seen photographs of the Model X but has yet to ride in it. As a parent who struggles to buckle his young son into a car seat, he's excited about the Model X's doors, which pivot from the top of the vehicle.

"The doors of the Model X lift up and fold -- like the wing of a bird," said O'Neill. "You can walk right up to the edge of the seat. It's the ideal solution for disabled children, or any parent who has to lean over to buckle a car seat." '

David70 | 25 janvier 2012

DeLorean style doors? Cool.

Brian H | 26 janvier 2012

Mebbe so, mebbe no. Don't let yourself be gulled. That Wunderlich guy may have been winging it!


Volker.Berlin | 26 janvier 2012

"The doors of the Model X lift up and fold -- like the wing of a bird," said O'Neill. "You can walk right up to the edge of the seat. It's the ideal solution for disabled children, or any parent who has to lean over to buckle a car seat." (San Jose Mercury News site,

That would indeed be a surprise. The use case that is mentioned is a weak argument -- the same practicality is achieved with sliding doors, which are much easer to implement. Doors that not only lift up, but also fold (which is necessary b/c the vehicle is big and the doors will be huge, in contrast to gull-wing MB or DeLorean) are a major technical undertaking -- additional hinges, weight, reliability issues... all comes down to cost. I'm not afraid that Tesla couldn't do it, but I wonder why they would go down that rocky road. Merely for style?

brianman | 26 janvier 2012


Probably a poor description, but I'll try anyway...

What if it was simply a misinterpretation. Suppose they took the panaromic sliding roof and turned it sideways. Then split it in half to make two of them. Both side doors slide upward into the roof. Similar effect to gullwing, but in some ways simpler and more elegant.

Volker.Berlin | 26 janvier 2012

brianman, I think I understand your description. Makes sense to me, except that advanced mechanics will be needed to slide the doors on top of the roof and on top of each other, when they are opened simultaneously...

Isn't speculation entertaining? ;-)

Brian H | 26 janvier 2012

If they flapped straight out and then up, I can imagine some catastrophic interactions with passing traffic ... it's probably necessary to fold upwards just for safety's sake.

Brian H | 26 janvier 2012

But IAC, it seems the sexiness factor of the X just took a big jump!

The interior of the "revealed" X is going to be veerrry interesting. But since it's more than a year further from delivery than the S (?), I'd suspect a lot more leeway in "projected" design, plus a much longer period for feedback/tuning.


Timo | 26 janvier 2012

That door description is indeed a bit odd. I would have expected something like sliding door that lift both roof and the side 45 degree angle up and side a bit and then slide to back (one solid door, no hinges). This reveals the passenger space just like it is described.

Could be difficult with snow and ice on the roof though. You would need to clean the roof before opening the doors, otherwise wouldbe passengers could get a bit snow shower.

Larry Chanin | 26 janvier 2012

-- the same practicality is achieved with sliding doors, which are much easer to implement.

Here's some pure speculation. If Tesla wanted to provide unobstructed access to three row of seating, I doubt a sliding door would achieve that. Hence, the more complicated folding door.


Robert.Boston | 26 janvier 2012

I think I see what's going on. Try this exercise to see if it makes sense:

Hold your right hand out in front of you, thumb up. This represents is the driver-side door.
Put the tip of your index finger in the pad of your thumb. This is the pivot joint for the door.
Rotate your right hand counter-clockwise, without moving your left index finger, so that your right finger tips are tracing a circle. Your hand will naturally rotate to the horizontal and slide over the empty space forward of your left index finger (which is where the car's chassis would be.

Obviously, the left and right doors will have to be slightly asymmetric so that one fits in above the other (or, perhaps, only one door can be open at a time?).

(Are birds "handed"? I.e., does any one individual consistently fold its right wing, say, over its left, while others do the opposite?)

Volker.Berlin | 26 janvier 2012

If Tesla wanted to provide unobstructed access to three row of seating, I doubt a sliding door would achieve that. (Larry)

Trying to visualize this, I have to agree. That would be one hell of a sliding door, much longer than the remaining end of the vehicle -- so where exactly would it slide?

Usually, the sliding door does not provide access to the front row, there use to be traditional doors on the vehicles I have in mind. Also, the third row is only partially opened up, so unobstructed access is really only available for the second row with the sliding door I have in mind.

(Are birds "handed"? I.e., does any one individual consistently fold its right wing, say, over its left, while others do the opposite?) (Robert.Boston)

:-D Interesting question! I don't know but I'm sure someone has already conducted a study...